Friday, February 5, 2010

Perry French Infantry WIP Update

Finished the Voltigeurs for the Light Infantry unit. Snapped a couple of shots:
Ten-man unit for Sharp Practice; led by Sergeant Blasé  Blasé (pointing).

Here they are with some Victrix Line Voltigeurs; they are a good match in both size and sculpting sytle.
Both Voltigeur units can be in either line formation - along with their parent unit brethren, or break out as a group into skirmish. This is unlike the British Rifles who can only skirmish - at least according the Sharp Practice rules.

Next up for the paint brush are the Carabiniers (foot types); then the Chasseurs (or center companies).

At this rate, I should be done before the Perry Riflemen and Victrix Cacadores arrive. If not, more incentive to pick up the pace.


  1. Impressive. Pretty prolific painting

  2. Consul:

    Thanks - I'm more worried about not completing stuff in time for an event or other deadline.

    BTW, did you see my answer to your question on the Macedonian troops? The guys in the right of the picture are Redoubt Oscans - posing as Samnites in the Pyrrhic army. I saw a Syracusan army list and it listed Spanish Scutarii - I also wanted a unit of these guys too - love their shield patterns. Regards, Dean

  3. Great Stuff Dean,
    I'm slowly working my way through your past posts. Really enjoying the read and of course your painted wee men!.

    P.S. I just finished reading your Sharpes Practice with the burning building next door and thought I'd leave a comment you would see on this report. And the word verification for posting was FIRES! wooooh spooky :-)

  4. Dean:
    Great looking stuff. Your painting skills are most impressive. I do like how the Perry and Victrix plastic French can be mixed. The Victrix have finer details but the overall look is very good.

    I'm trying to figure out what opponent to build for my French - it will either be a British/Portuguese army or a combined Austrian/Prussian force. I'm looking forward to hearing your impressions on the metal Victrix cacadores.

  5. Great shading work on these, both the coats and the blue pants.

  6. Yes I saw your comment Dean, thanks for the info!

    Looking forward to the Spanish - I've just completed a unit of those on my Roman army blog. Worth a look.

  7. Thank you all for your interest and comments.

    Hope to have the rest of the Legere done by next weekend - I tend to paint for several hours straight - and then not touch anything for a few days. Last night I painted the white cross-belts and piping on the rest of the Legere.

    After the Rifles and Portugeuse, I may look to other opponents - maybe Russians. Although, Prussians and Austrians are also a good choice. I like the Russians' green uniform, and if that gets too tiring to paint, a lot of them could be in greatcoats.

    Regards, Dean

  8. Lovely painting! The minis are full of character.

  9. Simon:

    Thank ye kindly - I re-worked the white trousers on the guy in the second photo - the shading didn't look right - especially in the photo. Agree on the fine sculpting by the Perrys - as usual. As I'm finishing up the rest of the box - I wondered if the Perrys ever released a bad sculpt - can't think of one. Regards, Dean

  10. Those Perrys are just toooo talented!


    If I could clone myself I'd also make a Perry Napoleonic collection. Or maybe ECW or Copplestone Sun King... or the new Siege of Malta range I saw yesterday... too many nice minis out there!

  11. I really like your painting and have been surprised by the variety of techniques and primer colors you seem to employ. Any chance you will post on how you decide what particular methods and primers to use on a given project?

    How about a tutorial?

  12. Ron:

    I really appreciate your comments - hmm I should be able to post a "tutorial" of sorts. I will post a comment on my next post (should be tomorrow) on how I tend to choose between white or black for base coat priming. Thanks again, Dean

  13. That would be great! Looking forward to it.

  14. I can only add to the chorus here- this is really nice collection of miniatures

    Inspiring work- I like the shading on the overcoats and the nice, dark blue you use.

  15. Thanks a lot Robert. Interesting that we were doing the same type of unit recently - independent of each other.

    I agree that the 1812-Regulation uniform looks elegant; especially in legere all dark-blue with white piping. Dean