Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peninsular War Goodies Update

he Perry British Riflemen that were on back order came in and have been shipped as of today (per the UPS tracking). Also, the Front Rank Spanish Guerrillas are also supposed to be on their way. The orders were from two different suppliers; both Stateside and both on the East Coast – hopefully the weather won’t cause too much of a delay. Not exactly sure of the status of the Victrix Portuguese Cacadores that were actually the first items ordered – about 2 ½ weeks ago; these were ordered through the local gaming store here, who in turn orders through another retailer – so, I assumed it would take awhile. At least, the other figures should be here soon and can be started on. Some 95th and 60th Rifles decals from Alban are also on their way.

Another item ordered (today, as a matter of fact) is a nice-looking hill set from War-Zone.Com. Only $32.50. I thought long and hard about attempting to make some hills myself, but figured I’d spend about as much in supplies, time and effort; and the result wouldn't be nearly as good. A long time ago, I made a pretty nice-looking Lion Gate (of Mycenae) out of Styrofoam and Plaster of Paris, but I just don't have the inclination right now. Anyway, it should be here by end of next week. Until the real thing gets here – here is what it looks like per the online catalog:
This is the item description: "A big bag'O'hills, a Veteran Gamer's starter set. Don't go to War without it! 15 Pieces from 2" x 2" to 12" x 14". Serpentine Contour gives pieces a more natural look. This Set Creates a 2' x 4' (dense) to 4' x 4' (sparse) Gaming Area." I think this is the same company that Dan and Adrian bought their respective 8’ X 4’ gaming boards a few years ago - and still looking great. I figure this set should provide good obstacles – both for movement and sight – between the advancing British and garrisoned French. Along with the Old Glory Spanish church, a few wooded areas and maybe a stream should complete the terrain needed for the Sharp Practice game planned for Enfilade in May.

Speaking of Spaniards, images of Spanish Guerrillas are few and far between on the internet. Here are a few I did manage to find - actually the period illustrations by Suhr may not be actual Guerrillas, but they pretty much wore civilian clothes - besides whatever military clothing they could acquire.


  1. Hi Dean

    Those hills look a lot more practical for gaming - actual space to put stands on rather than risk them toppling over on a slope.

    If you are wanting to find some images of Spanish guerrillas from the Peninsular campaign, try asking mi amigo Rafa on his blog:

    He's a font of knowledge and can find all sorts of stuff available in Spanish that many of us wouldn't otherwise get to access.


  2. Doc:

    Thanks for the suggestion on contacting Mr. Rafa.

    I plan to arrange the hill terrain into opposing sides with a passage way in-between. This will allow the guerrillas (or whomever able to) to possibly stage an ambush on the levels. It'll look nice on the table, in any case. Regards, Dean

  3. Hi
    Thank to both of you for your confidence!
    I have sent to Dean some pictures, but there is a big question: not all Spanish 'guerrilleros' were brigands dressed in civilian dress. Some wore semi-military units with a certain degree of uniformity, specially in the last stages of the Peninsular.

  4. Rafa:

    Thank you for the wonderful links & images. I truly appreciate them and will be put to good use. The Front Rank figures that I ordered are all the non-uniformed types. I would be interesting to have a uniformed unit of them too, though. I suspect their training and discipline might have been better? Warm Regards, Dean

    P.S. Doc, thank you too!