Monday, February 22, 2010

Perry British Rifles Found - Update

*******UPDATE (like Robert Stack used to say on Unsolved Mysteries)*******: The box of Perry Riflemen has been located. They were actually in our community oversize mail box. However, we only found this out after my wife went to the local PO and the box wasn't there - so they found the actually delivery lady who explained what happened. She said she put the box in the oversize mail compartment, but that the key for the front of the box was broken off, so she just shut the back door - my wife went back home and pried opened the back of the box and there was the package. I suppose anyone could've opened it and taken it. The Home Owner's Assoc. shall hear about this! (They probably want a reason to raise the annual fee anyway). I just wish the delivery lady had put a note in our normal box to say the box was in there instead of  what the online USPS tracker said, "attempted delivery - no one home; note left." Anyway, I will see these Riflemen tonight!

*****FROM YESTERDAY********* I received an email confirmation that my order of Perry Riflemen was "attempted" for delivery at home, and a notice was left. I called my wife and she checked the mail box and our front door - no notice found. I called the local PO and they said the delivery trucks are still out so no sense coming in today (they close at 5:30 & I get off work at 6:00). The guy at the PO said my wife could pick it up tomorrow with something showing our address (like a bill), and the tracking number. I hope so. I went online & requested "Customer Picks Up" - hopefully this will keep the package from going out the door before my wife gets to the PO tomorrow.

Oh well - patience is a virtue, but I better have 'em when I come home from work tomorrow!
Addendum: Buddy from Triangle Miniatures just let me know that the Front Rank Spanish Guerrillas were mailed out last week also, and I should be getting this package soon too - well, hopefully not like the Perrys, but in my hot hands.  I hope to have both started by this weekend. If all goes to plan (like that ever happens!), the first playtest should be on the second Saturday of next month. I won't wait on the Victrix Portuguese - I'll adjust the game to allow for their inclusion later.

The 95th & 60th Rifles decals did arrive today - these were ordered direct from Alban in the UK - and it was only ordered last week. I will definitely consider ordering direct from the UK in the future.

Rather than wallow in self-pity, I managed to finish flocking the magnetic, yep magnetic, bases of both the French and British. I know, it's a lot of extra work when I could've just mounted the figures directly to the bases, but the initial intention was to play skirmish with single washer-based figures. In the future, for line troops, the plan is to mount them four to a 40mm square base. Maybe a few singles for casualty removal. The British Rifles and Spanish Guerrillas will be singly-based on washers though. These guys will operate mainly in skirmish formations anyway - and they are metal and don't have fixed bayonets either - less chance of damage while moving about the battlefield.

Here are some pictures of how the newly flocked bases look on the light green suede cloth I picked up from JoAnns the other day. It feels good to the touch - yeah...suede.


  1. Inspirational work. I hope your wee packages get to you safe and sound.

  2. Paul:

    Thanks - and I'm hoping the USPS pulls through. Never found a "notice" that was supposedly left by the delivery guy. Using the online tracker, the recording said it couldn't tell me the status - that I would need to go my local PO. Since I'm heading off to work, I gave my wife the duty along with the printout of the tracking status ("notice left") and a picture ID card - I hope it's at my local PO. Regards, Dean

  3. Hello!

    I just stumbled onto your blog. nice work!!

    What set of rules are you basing your figures for? I like the way they look.


  4. Larry:

    Thanks - right now I'm using Sharp Practice - skirmish type of rules. I initially thought I'd only have a handful (maybe 30 per side) and single-based them on washers. However, after the first few games, it was discovered that the regular troops were easier to move around on movement trays. In the future, I plan to mount line troops four to a 40mm square base. I will still mount some like the Big Men as singles on washers. In fact, certain troops, like British Rifles, will go on washers as they always move in skirmish order. Thanks again, Dean