Saturday, September 27, 2014

Warlord Games EIR Auxiliaries for the Cantabrian War - WIP

Picked this box up at the bring and buy at last week's game day at Fort Steilacoom. Couldn't pass up on the price, and always wanted some Auxilia to complement the Legionaries. Anyway, here is the start of the 24 figures - which consist of four poses and some separate arms. The set doesn't come with a command, but does come with water-slide decals that go over shields painted in whatever color you chose. The shields are left off and remain on sprues for ease of painting. The heads, arms and spears are ready for production line assembly.
The figures will be part of a Battle of Las Rabas scenario set during the Cantabrian War of Augustus Caesar. Granted both contingents will have a slightly anachronistic look - Romans in lorica segmentata, and nekid Gauls and Spanish Scutarii doubling as Cantabrians.


  1. Looking forward to see this painted Dean. The metal command are excellent too.

    1. Thanks for that info, Mike. I will be on the look out for these. Dean

  2. Anxious to see your treatment of this box Roman Auxiliaries.