Monday, September 8, 2014

Hinchliffe Models Taisho - WIP

Dry-brushed the basic lacing pattern; as well as the red lacquered knots. The Minwax stain process should clarify the lacing a bit more.
I chose a solid red pattern for the lacing, as more elaborate types tend to take away the from the overall look of the armor.

Here's a nice image of the construction of the O-yoroi - or great armor.


  1. This model is too big for me. Good painting.

  2. Thanks, Slawek. Appreciate your visits and comments. Best, Dean

  3. Wow, that one looks huge... and lovely!!! Cannot wait to see it finished!

  4. Thanks, Gents. I don't intend to spend too much time and effort on this piece. Pretty much plan to paint it up as I do most 28mm figs nowadays. Block painting, Minwax stain, then highlighting/details. We shall see though :)! Thanks again, Dean

  5. What a terrific piece! What are your plans for this? A display in the game room? Did the nifty painting guide come with the model?

    1. Thanks, Jonathan. Just a display model. Yes, the ebay buy was complete - box, full color instruction sheet and all the parts - even the tiny lacing for the top knot. Best, Dean