Saturday, September 27, 2014

Warlord Games EIR Auxilia - WIP +1

Here they are - less their shields - with a fresh brushing of Minwax Tudor Satin stain.
These guys painted up with no problem. Wish I picked up the other box that was for sale at the bring and buy last week.
The mail took the staining well; I guess I was a bit too vigorous with the brushing as I broke one of the spears.
The image below shows them block painted prior to the staining. I noticed only after applying the stain that I forgot to paint their wrist bands, as well as the bandage over the eye on some of them.
I plan to paint the shield either a pale blue or green.


  1. Very nice result - the fast and effective way to build an army!

  2. Looks great Dean! What colors did you use for their uniforms?

  3. Thank you all for the great comment, Gentlemen. Appreciate your visit and time to make the comments.

    @ Victor - the tunic is white and the "trousers" a light brown - a mixture a Vallejo Burnt Cad. Red and Yellow (a mixture to varying ratios I also used for the leather and wooden parts of weapons).

    Regards, dean

  4. Fast and good...two words that usually don't go together! You are the master!