Monday, May 27, 2013

Enfilade! 2013 w/Guy Bowers of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

Well it's been an eventful and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to Mike Evans (Relic Miniatures), Pat Lowinger (Socal Warhammer) and the Northwest Historical Gaming Society, we were graced with the presence of Guy Bowers, editor of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. Guy arrived from the UK (via Holland) last Thursday and immediately started his information gathering with a visit to the Museum of Flight. I'm sure they'll be a lot of photos of his visit on the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Facebook.

Here are a measly few photos I managed to take at the local convention, Enfilade!, which Guy attended. For the first time the convention had an official theme - Warfare on the Silver Screen. Having at least three hours of sleep, Guy kicked it off by hosting two back-to-back games called "Wrath of Heaven" - based on the the movie 13 Assassins. The rules were a cleverly modified version of Muskets and Tomahawks. Here's a photo of one of the games which included several White Rock Gamers from Vancouver, B.C.
I only managed to snap a few photos of the the over 120 excellent games being hosted over the weekend. Here's a Napoleonic game hosted by Doug Hamm (aka Larry Leadhead).
Mark Waddington's Vietnam game - with a downed Huey.

Guy placed a very respectable 4th place in a field of about 12 in a SAGA tournament. This finish even more impressive as he only knew of the game upon arriving at the con, and was given a loaner Saxon army from the GM, Sven Lugar. Guy was also awarded Best Sportsmen and received a hand crafted skull trophy stand.
Guy finished the weekend by using his Russian Steam Tank, err, T-35 to defeat a British army and then my Fallshirmagers with a Panzer IV in a Bolt Action tourney hosted by Pat Lowinger. Here's Guy using his Daimyo powers to shock and awe Richard Li's British.
Addendum: I was remiss to have not mentioned earlier that Pat awarded all the players with prizes courtesy of Warlord Games. Even with my dismal finish, I still walked away with a prize that I really like - ECW Infantry - I'm sure they can be used as Empire troops!


  1. Great pictures, the battlefields are really impressive!

  2. Poor Guy, Doing all that AND getting paid for it...

  3. Love the look of the downed Huey.

  4. Looks like good fun Dean. At least you don't have to worry about rain inside a building canceling your fun.

  5. Thanks for the pics the table looks good. I want a jungle table now

  6. Thanks all!

    Phil: unfortunately, I only managed to snap a fraction of them! Please see the WS&S Facebook for more photos.

    PC: The rain can be a blessing sometimes for gamers - stay indoors!

    Best wishes to all & happy to hear you like the post. Dean

  7. It was such a blast having Guy out for Enfilade. Not only is WGS&S really participating in the Wargames part of everything, they really want to bring the best to the community. What an excellent event.

  8. Looks like loads of fun. Now I want to go to a Con!

  9. Totally agree with you on all counts, Pat.

    Monty - you would've loved the SAGA tourney that Sven hosted. Everyone left with a prize - a handmade rune stone - just for participating. First and second prizes were his handmade carved/scrimshawed drinking horns.

    Best, Dean

  10. Dean, thanks for everything! Paint-In, I wish I was paid by the hour. I get paid by the issue.
    All in all a great wargames convention with some great people.

  11. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Guy. Looking forward to the issue with the con coverage - as well as the podcast with Pat. Best, Dean

  12. It was nice running into you at Enfilade Dean! I didn't know WS&S had a FB page. I'll be sure to like it.

  13. Table's looked great you guys seem to have have really looked after your guest well done!

  14. It was fantastic meeting all the Bolt Action players at Enfilade.

    Let me know next time you guys plan to play Bolt Action, WAB or SAGA.

  15. Thanks again for the great comments, everyone.

    Richard: It was great meeting you - you're a savvy Bolt Action player and your Commonwealth army looked great.