Saturday, May 18, 2013

WHFB Empire Hurricanum/Luminark WIP

Started work on the Celestial Hurricanum/Luminark of Hysh. The kit is composed of the same wagon and horses as the War Altar kit. It includes parts to make both the Hurricanum and the Luminark.

Here is the Celestial Hurricanum:
Another angle:
The outer ring with planets/orbs is removable and can also be tilted at different angles. The inner frame containing the planet is free spinning. I showed it to my wife and she said it was a toy.
Here's the Luminark of Hysh:
It's a sort of ray gun.
I should mention that although you can swap out the Luminark and Hurricanum using the pedestal base, several of the planets/orbs are supposed to be attached to the rear end of the Luminark. As it only includes one set to be used for either weapon, I chose to use them on the Hurricanum. Can't really tell the Luminark is missing those parts, I think.
Next will be the wagon and horses.


  1. that looks stunning, love all the details you have in it

  2. Every time I think it can't get better, it does! Dean, this is just lovely. Genius model on the part of GW and genius painting on your part.

    And lol on your wife speaking the truth!

  3. I am with Monty and James on this...Dean...stunning...truly. wow.

  4. Thanks for the nice words, Gentlemen.

    Warm Regards, Dean

  5. This is just the kind of bonkers that GW do so well. Really like the paint job on the hurricanum.

    Regards HGA.

  6. That looks soooo cool. reminds me of somthing from the Dark Crytal..cant recall what.

    nice stuff mate


  7. wow that look very cool, and painted so well you are very talented with the brushes

  8. Ooooh I like that, has a very steampunk look to it!