Monday, February 25, 2013

Stadden 54mm Baden Hussar 1812

Well, no sooner did I post the previous WIP shots, that I decided to push through and finish the model. Actually only the red trousers and green dolman and pelisse were needed - as well as the basing.
I think this Stadden is the last of the 54mm metal figures that I had from days gone by - I've kept them with me since childhood (well more like my early teens).
He's on a 40mm Warmachine base; which is cool as it makes him look like a gaming figure.
He comes with a carbine, which I still have, but since he's supposed to be an officer, it's left off.
The Baden Hussars were renowned cavalry, and participated in the "Charge of Death" at Studianka against a much larger Russian force. Only about fifty hussars survived the charge.



  1. Nice work he does indeed look like a gaming figure with that base. I like the trousers in particular they have come out nicely.

  2. Thanks as always, Simon. How cool would it be to have a pair of green Hessian boots :)! Best, Dean

  3. What a gorgeous figure Dean and beautifully done Sir.

  4. A very natty dude. Those green boots are seriously Glam rock.
    Regards HGA.

  5. I love the large scale stuff you are doing. I'd like to try something like that myself but would struggle to justify what with the lead mountain of gaming figures I have to work through.

  6. Thanks again, Gentlemen.

    Paul: I totally understand - in fact, these recent 54mm projects were old figures I already have and figured I'd paint them up before getting any new stuff.

    Warm Regards to All, Dean

  7. Wonderful work! I especially appreciate the step by step photos. I confess I would not have thought of doing all of the gold so early. It paid big dividends at the end!

    This has been a great series. How many of these 54mm do you have in the queue? ;-)

  8. Monty:

    Thanks for the kind words; I agree about the painting process. This is a technique I picked up from fellow local painter Doug Hamm (Dots of Paint blogger) - which he recommended for Napoleonics. It works if you allow some of the black undercoating to remain - basically blacklining already there. As far as more 54mm, I think maybe only one or two, but they aren't great looking figures. I may start on a 120mm Ray Lamb samurai - picked up off of ebay many years ago.
    Best, Dean

  9. Fantastic Hussar Dean and another top notch 54mm painting job! I'm inspired to have a crack at some of my old large scale figures.

  10. Thanks, Cyrus. I think you'll like working on them, if not only as a diversion, but they can be a good study for 28mm figures. Best, Dean

  11. Another beautiful job Dean. I was thinking of doing some upscale figures after my recent foray into model-building. I just found a Mameluke (of some indeterminate make) and a bunch of old Airfix and Historex figures myself. After seeing your Assyrian horse archer I was thinking "I wonder what Dean is doing?" - lo and behold - you post on this fantastic Baden cavalryman. As soon as I finish some of my gaming figures (already 'in production') I am inspired by what you've achieved to have a go myself! Wonderful painting bro.


  12. Mahahlo for the kind words, Doc.
    You know, 54mm based on these Warmachine rounds could make them feasible for skirmish gaming. I think plastic 1:32/54mm sets would not only be eye-catchy, but inexpensive. I saw some F&IW plastics on the Michigan Toy Soldier site for pretty cheap.

    Aloha, Dean

  13. Way the fix (recycle) and old figure and bring it back to life once again. The colors look really good. The speed you put this stuff out is starting to make me think you have a sweat-shop in your garage. Be good!

  14. Wow that was fast Dean!
    Really nice figure.

    I have a few big resin and white metal naps sitting in the loft that I plan to do at some point.

  15. Thanks, Paul.

    Be sure to post pics of yours when you do paint them up - Nice Prussians on your blog too. Best, Dean

  16. Yes, this hussar turned out gorgeous. Imagine a whole unit of these guys. I remember Pegasus models used to have a 90mm Mameluke that I always wanted to buy and thye don't seem to make it anymore. Keep up the painting!