Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Foundry Great War German Jaegers

Won these off of ebay the other day - great deal and nice figures. They are approximately the size of Old Glory's Trench War range. Which is good as that is the bulk of WW1 figures I have - mainly French and Germans. These Foundry were painted up very quickly with basic block painting and a stain of Minwax Tudor Satin. No highlighting or other extra efforts, yet I am pleased with the overall look and should be fine on table.
Prior to the staining with a basic block paint job. I mixed Vallejo Grey-Green (the one used for Fallshirmjaeger smocks) with Flat Green for the uniforms.
A size comparison with Old Glory and Copplestone. The Copplestone are noticeable larger, but will be okay in a separate unit, I think.
I still need some German HMG teams, but I'm slowly gathering forces for a Tsingtao game - a small skirmish scenario using Warhammer's The Great War rules. I also need to add another company of Japanese. Here are some photos purported to be taken during the Siege of Tsingtao (however I'm somewhat suspicious as many photos during the period may have been ad hoc added to news reports from various sources).

HMG teams wearing jaeger type headgear - the photo caption states these are Sea Battalion:
Troops in picklehaube; although it would appear it is in Europe, Tsingtao was purposefully built to reflect the Old World:
Some Sea Battalion guys; at least one in a pith helmet:


  1. Very nice and all 3 ranges look like they fit quite well.

  2. Thanks, Ray. I do indeed plan on having all three on the table together. Best, Dean

  3. Very nice; I have to admit that I'm finding a brief dalliance in the Great War harder to resist.

  4. Dean,

    your speed and quality puts us all to shame!

    It might be hard to tell from the angle of the photo, but if you ask me, i would not mix Foundry with the others, but otherwise they are OK.

  5. Wonderful Dean. They looked nothing when you got them , but now, fantastic. Nice timing too, I'm just starting on a unit of Great War Miniature Jager now!

  6. The staining worked really well, good mix of figures Dean!

  7. Thanks for the kind comments and interest; I too am feeling the period again. I'm finally reading a copy of Over the Top I picked up during their last big sale at WH. I'm thinking of a Tsingtao scenario - small skirmish game. Best, Dean

  8. Very nice! I think I like the feldgrau (more like feldgrun? :-P) on these Jägers. The stan adds the appearance of dirt and wear without being overboard and giving them a brown sheen.

    Keep it up!

  9. I look forward to seeing a battle report about he game. Most people don't even know that the Japanese fought on the allied side in WWI.


  10. Hello! Great work - love the colors.

    I'm just now starting out gaming WWI in 28mm; I was able to snag a copy of 'The Great War' yesterday.

    I have a question about the dip you used. Have you ever used the Army Painter dip? If so, I'd love to hear what you have to say about it as opposed to the Minwax. I have the Minwax but haven't used it and have had people tell me there is no comparison.

  11. Larry - I missed your post - but to answer your question, I've never used Army Painter yet - nothing against it, but I am comfortable with Minwax (especially the price :)!) Best, Dean