Monday, May 14, 2012

British Hussar General

This was part of a grab bag of Napoleonic figures I received in a TMP trade. Fellow blogger Legion Games  mentioned it was part of a free promo that came with an old Wargames Illustrated. Anyway, I painted him up as a British general in Hussar uniform - based on the illustration in Uniforms of the Peninsular War by Haythornthwaite. ADDENDUM: Thanks to HGA's post, I see this figure is supposed to be Sir Stapleton Cotton - sculpted by Copplestone and carried by North Star.
It's a nice figure, if somewhat one-dimensional; the horse and rider are cast as one piece and reminds me of a flat - but of course it's not. Nonetheless, the sculpting is nice and the leopard skin shabraque is well detailed.
Here are examples of what the Haythornthwaite book illustration is based upon. One a portrait of Lord Londonderry.
Another of Sir Richard Hussey.
Hussar attire has always been associated with the great.


  1. Very nice work there Dean. If memory serves the figure was given away by Wargames Illustrated as a subscription freebie and represented either Sir Stapleton Cotton or Lord Paget, I don't recall which.
    Regards HGA.

  2. HGA:

    Thanks for the comment and intel; I'll do some research. Best, Dean

  3. He's a colourful character, great work Dean!

  4. Gorgeous work Dean; beautiful use of colour that really brings the chap to life..

  5. Wow, Dean! That is an amazing job you did on that figure! Very nicely done!

  6. Beautiful figure. Even a simple figure with a great paint job can become a beautiful figure.

  7. WoW! Terrific painting Dean!!!!