Sunday, May 27, 2012

Enfilade! 2012 - Photo Wrap Up

Just got home after a great three-day historical convention here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We had folks coming in from several nearby (and not-so nearby) states, as well as our cousins up in Vancouver B.C. Again, the volunteer spirit is so impressive at this gathering. No shortage of volunteers to run the registration desk, the bring and buy table (which was another huge success), as well as the tireless game masters. Thank you one and all!

Here is just a handful of photos from the 120-plus games that I managed to take that weren't too out of focus. I captioned the ones that I'm pretty sure of; sorry for missing the names of the others.

The next two pictures are from my Black Powder game I hosted on Friday night. The six players had never played the rules before (although one or two had the book, and one was a Warmaster veteran). They all said they had a great time and the play was fast and furious.

In honor of the Mayan calendar, I had to get into this game. Most of the players, including me, never played Fields of Glory - but the GM made the game flow well.

This is the last of my three WAB games I played on Sunday - ending in a tie; my previous two were losses - but I don't care as I had fun and was pretty tired already anyway.
Here are a couple more photos from the con that I lifted off my buddy Mike Evan's Facebook (owner of Relic Miniatures); I was honored to have Mike participate in my Black Powder game:
I'm sure there will be other folks who attended posting more (and better pics) from the convention soon. As an aside, I didn't spend too much time in the bring & buy area, but I did score three bags of Old Glory for $10.00 each - Sherden, Phillistines and Anatolians. I plan to build these units for a Hail Caesar game. I also picked up some OOP Foundry German WWI HMG teams (with picklehaube).


  1. What a wonderful looking convention, with so much diversity in the games as well. Great stuff all round.

  2. Great pics Dean, especially liked Apocalypto and Radioactive Water and of course....Something like Salamanca!

  3. Great pics and it looked like a lot of fun!


  4. Great looking games - I'm jealous!

    What unit sizes and widths are you thinking about for Hail Caesar?


  5. Great looking games there Dean.

  6. Some stunning looking games Dan!!!

  7. Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like some quality gaming in you part of the woods.

  8. Thank you for your kind comments, Gents. My pleasure to post the pics; just wish I had taken more - there were so many other great games going on - 120-plus over the three days. It indeed was a great con.

    Miles: I need to re-read the rules again to decide on unit sizes.

    Thanks again all, Dean

  9. Thanks for the picture posting. I couldn't play this year and only had a few minutes about 11 and again about 1 on Saturday to look.