Sunday, December 4, 2011

Work Bench Update - 12/4/11

Nothing special, just added some epaulettes to these Perry French Dragoons to indicate their elite status. I also added a plume, raquettes and cord to the bearskin of the musician.
I plan to paint them up as the 16th Dragoons - the musician will be in full dress like the one on the cover of this old uniform book.
I'm also working on a Spanish hacienda from Brigade Games. My buddy who I painted the balance of the Perry Dragoons gave it to me as part of the "payment" for the work. He's already given me another Spanish building too. These will come in handy for both Black Powder and Sharp Practice games.
 I used Green Stuff to help hold the walls and pieces together - then added some Super Glue.


  1. I just cut some epaulettes off spare arms and added to some of the dismounted dragoons; greenstuff might have been easier, will try your way, next time...

  2. Simon:

    It wasn't as hard as I thought. Rolling a little bit of Green Stuff into a ball and pressed it onto the top of the sleeve. Using the head of pin (dipped in water) I formed the strap and the edge of the half-crescent. Then using an Xacto blade - also after being dipped in water - made indentations with the epaulet cords. If it was too big/long I cut off the ends with the knife - also used the knife to move it around a bit too. Best, Dean

  3. I'll have to give that a go, m'self!

    Thanks, Simon

  4. I've got that same hacienda I have to still get around to assembling/painting.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your completed models!


  5. Nice work, Dean, and a very nice surprise seeing that Knowledge through Colour edition of Military Uniforms by Rene North.

    My parents bought me a copy at the bookstore in the Vancouver Planetarium of all places many many years ago, and I still have it. Dog eared, missing pages, but still there!

    That dragoon trumpeter on the front cover was always very inspirational.

  6. I remember that Dragoon trumpeter from Hamlyns 'Fighting Men & Their Uniforms' that was bought for me when I was six. The start of a slippery slope.

  7. Good stuff! Thanks for the "green stuff" info too.


  8. Can't wait to see the musician, he should look excellent with them colours.

  9. Nice work Dean. The building looks impressive, will be very nice on the table.

  10. I like the mods you did for these guys, I cant wait to see them painted.



  11. Funny, I've never liked seeing the elite company (Dragoons) with bearskins. The figures are still nice mind you and converions are a major beauty of plastics

    I like the building also.


  12. Ken:

    I know what you mean - the brass helmet with horsehair mane is the bomb - just wanted to experiment. If I add more to the unit, they'll be in helmets. I think the Horse Grenadiers (& early mounted Carabiniers) look good in bearskins though. Best, Dean