Saturday, August 20, 2011

Old Glory Ashigaru Spear & Teppo - WIP +1

Well, finished painted & dipping these guys today. Nothing fancy, but still pretty good for me considering I didn't work on them until after a day trip to Bremerton Naval Base. Actually just spent some time driving around Bremerton and stopping in the BX. Pretty sparse compared to Fort Lewis or McChord Air Force Base - or as they are now called Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Anyway, here are the Ashigaru still wet from their dip. I'll spray them with Dullcote tomorrow after they're dried completely.
How they looked prior to the dip with just basic block painting and a little bit of highlighting on the black portions.
I'll post better pics after they're based. Then I'll have to get started on those marvelous Perry Samurai.


  1. Working out so far it will be nice seeing them based up.


  2. Not bad Dean - so do actually dip or paint the AP shade on? I've been painting mine on to make the stinking expensive stuff go further. Then I discovered mahogany matt wood stain varnish. Does exactly the same thing for about a third of the price (or less, depending on your hardware store!) Look forward to seeing the finished figures.


  3. Thanks for the comments, Christopher & Doc.

    Doc: I have been drybrushing highlights (mainly gray/white on black) prior to the dip. This way I don't have to be too precise as the stain will take care of most errors - e.g. highlight paint getting into recesses. Best, Dean

  4. The dip does have an amazing effect, looking forward to see the finished article.