Sunday, August 7, 2011

1st Corps Imitation Legion - Finished

Only 12 for now - these were part of the packs that came from an ebay win. I mainly wanted the Hypaspists in the bid, but these are nice and have several possible uses. In addition to Imitation Legionaries, they could be used as Carthaginian Veterans (w/captured Roman gear); or maybe even Thorokites. Of course, I'd have let my opponent know that their weapon not really pila - they just appear to be.
I used Veni Vidi Vici decals for the shields. They are sold as 15mm, but they fit well enough.


  1. Thanks, Greg. I will likely add another 8 figures once I get done with other projects. As I mentioned in the post, these just happen to be included in an ebay win of Hypaspists that I really "needed." Funny how one can get pulled into different directions so easily. Best, Dean

  2. Interesting piece of out of the box thinking. Nice lively paint job too.

  3. Very, very nice, I love the paintjob!!