Friday, January 8, 2010

Perry French Carabinier Horses Painted

Finished the carabinier horses, as well as the curaissier officer's horse. The carabinier officer's horse was converted from a regular trooper's horse with hobby knife and Green Stuff.
Except for the one actual officer's horse, all the horses come with the cartridge box molded onto the rear of the saddle.  I mistakenly cut off too many cartridge boxes - I thought the marechal-des-logis (senior NCO) carrying the standard didn't have one, but I believe he should. Only the musicians didn't have them. I ended up gluing the mistakenly lopped off ones onto the figures. I went over the black leather reins and horse straps with Americana Matte Varnish to have them show up better against the dark colored horses. Even though it's bottled as matte, it leaves a satin finish.

The bases will be flocked with my usual sand and static grass; not very stunning. I need to try adding more stuff like rocks, tall grass and debris - need to look up a basing tutorial.

Tomorrow, I'm out the door early to head up to Seattle for Drumbeat. Need to pack up my WWI stuff  tonight for a Warhammer Great War game I'll be hosting in the morning session. After it's over, I'll get working on the riders and hopefully have them done in the coming week.


  1. Very impressive work. I really like the shading on the horses

  2. Thank you Sir! The shading was basically a couple of light dry-brushing using grays, over the basic blackish-brown. Regards, Dean

  3. hi dean,

    ipressive horsepaint-job!

    may i ask how you paint the grey musician-horses?

  4. Alex:

    Thanks for your comment and interest. As far as I can remember, I think I gave the horse a base coat of black, then dry-brushed successive layers of grays. Each coat being a bit lighter than the previous. A final dry brush coat of white was applied. You can vary the degree of finish this way to your satisfaction. I think I could've gone a bit whiter at the end, but it'll do :) Thanks again and hope this helps. Dean

  5. hi dean,
    thanks for you feedback :-)

    no inks here, ok.

    i will try your paint-system :-)))