Saturday, January 16, 2010

Perry Cuirassiers - Finished

Okay, only 7 of these guys, but 7 Carabiniers (from the same boxed set) will be added to them for a combined heavy unit.
The figures are very nicely sculpted - no surprise being Perrys of course. The flag (included in the box) has yet to be added. However, on campaign these were normally stored and only the eagle and staff were carried.
Photos are a bit dark, but hey, it's the best "sun" WA State will have for sometime.
Carabiniers next. Oh, and this unit is the first 2010 "completed" project.

Here is an interesting quote from the British officer who rashly chose to attack French cuirassiers at Waterloo with two regiments of lighter cavalry, "At this point I was pierced through the left side into the lung. Blood started coming out of my mouth, making it difficult for me to speak. I was forced to go to the rear, and I can say nothing more about the action." - Maj-Gen. Sir Dörnberg, commander of the 3rd Cavalry Brigade.


  1. Holy cow. Now that's some painting!

  2. Scott:

    I'm honored by your comments. I've been to your site and am very impressed with your work. Not only your talent, but the quantity of your work. Warm regards, Dean

  3. Ooooh, very nice!

  4. Very nice stuff Dean. I too am having difficulty any decent lighting for pics--unless I just save them up for the weekend.

  5. Excellent work!! It's a pleasure to view these!

  6. Excellent Work, I have purchased a box.