Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Warhammer Great War Update

Needing a break from painting, I did some prep work on a couple of projects that are intended for Warhammer Historical's Great War rules. I've already tried out these rules with my younger son sometime ago and found them enjoyable - on the simpler side, which suits me just fine. I only used the basic infantry rules - movement, shooting, and hand-to-hand combat. In the future, I will add artillery, cavalry, and possibly a tank.

First up: Early war WWI German Jaeger from Great War Miniatures; one pack each of Jaeger Command, Jaeger, and Jaeger MG team. I ordered these from Brigade Games before the last Enfilade - they offered free shipping if picked up at Enfilade (c/o Bruce Meyers). At the time I had wanted to beef up the OG Germans that I already had painted to oppose the French who outnumbered them. The Jaeger looked nice on their website, which they are in-person, but are simply huge compared to the OG guys. Oh well, their size-difference can't be any worse than throwing in a tank with them - the pickelhaube worn by the OG guys and these Jaeger were phased out by the time the A7V was introduced.
The command pack has two officers, a bugler, and several other figures that can be used as NCOs. The MG team comes with a nicely-sculpted water-cooled Maxim MG and three crew - gunner, spotter, and loader holding belted ammo. The Jaeger and Jaeger command come with six figures each.

Comparison shot of a Great War Minis Jaeger (obviously raised on double-rations of schnitzel, pommes frites, and weizenbock) looking massive next to an OG poilu and OG hauptmann.
Next: OG Japanese infantry from their Boxer Rising range. These will be painted for Russo-Japanese War. I don't think there is appreciable changes in the general cut of the uniform or the equipment between these two wars. Only several years apart, the Boxer Rebellion (as I identify it as) took place in the summer of 1900, and the Russo-Japanese war from early-1904 to 1905. Most of the land engagements of the latter ending in March 1905 with the Russians' defeat at the Battle of Mukden.

These figures are pretty nice IMO, and there aren't too many figures available in 25/28mm - Redoubt has a few, but sold individually. These were had for about 60 cents a figures - actually a little less as I counted 31 figures when I took this photo below. Hmmm, so I did count the washers correctly - I wondered why I was short one.
There are two officers brandishing swords, two buglers, two standard bearers, and four each of six poses (five of the firing pose - with the extra figure). They are mainly running/advancing poses, and as OG does, some of the heads are turned to different positions; none too bad as with some of their other ranges. I also have a pack of artillerymen, two cannon (from the Boer War range), and a cavalry pack. Updates to follow.

Extra: 1st Corps Oxybeles and crew (and Spartan lochagos) WIP.

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