Saturday, December 26, 2009

Great War and Shield Wall Games 12/26/09 at the Edgewood Bunker

These were likely the last games we played for 2009. I hosted two Great War games and Adrian and Bruce D. gamed a scenario from our ongoing Lyonesse game run by Wes.

Here's the Lyonesse game using Shieldwall rules. Bruce was victorious with his Dalrianans - as he has been for most of the campaign. My Murchians conceded him the right to be their High King earlier in the campaign - oh well.
During the Shieldwall game, Dan and I played a  Great War game. This was Dan's first game and my second, but we feel we got down the basic rules pretty quick. It is basic Warhammer type of rules. Dan said he liked it, and I do too. We also played a second Great War game with Adrian playing the French and I played the Germans. Both games allowed the French to occupy the building ruins for cover. However, in the first game, Dan opted not to use them and advanced upon the Germans swiftly.
I had classed two of the French platoons as reservist to lower their BS, thinking they'd be in cover and didn'twant them to too easily pick off the advancing Germans. Dan still used them well and most of the casualties were attributed to close combat. The Germans doing well in both games, taking out a French platoon in both games as a result of close combat.
As with all shooting games, proper use of cover is important!

In the second game, Adrian played it conservatively and placed his two reserve platoons in two building ruins - which is the scenario I initially had planned. This made the game a rather drawn out affair as we called it quits after about 6 turns and the Germans still hadn't reached the buildings to use their flamethrower. I will have to reevaluate the set up to have them reach the French in cover sooner. We were satisfied with the mechanics of the game and believe it should be a good type of game for a convention.

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