Sunday, December 6, 2009

Old Glory Hoplites Finished

I finally finished these guys. They were ordered this past summer when my OG membership was expiring. I seem to be catching up on projects lately. Oh, wait I still have a Roman Seas project to finish - I guess I just got side-tracked. Although these figures have really nice detail (like the interior of the shields), they're not Foundry quality by any means. However, at .60 cents a piece with the Old Glory membership, I'm not complaining. They are fine for rear-rankers.

LBM transfers not only sped up the work, but also helped "upgrade" their appearance. The transfers are actually sold for 1/72nd HaT models. I find the 28mm transfers too large to properly fit on the convex shields.
They are all wearing linothorax armor. There is a small amount of metal at the top of the armor - so I suppose these could be classified as composite. I'll class them all as light armor for WAB. Their helmets vary from what appears to be a Chalcidian, a newer-style Corinthian, a closed-mouthed Corinthian type, an Illyrian, and a Pilos.
Here are the two phalanx units; the first rank made up of 1st Corps Spartans and Argives, and the subsequent ranks filled in with Old Glory.


  1. Very nice indeed! I also have quite a few of these guys, done with Veni Vidi Vici transfers because the paint job predates Little Big Men. I'm getting to the stage where I'll only buy figs that have LBM transfers to match...

  2. Thank you. The LBM transfers are without a doubt the main reason I had no reservations on building some hoplite units. No worries about the shields - one major area taken care of. I wish they made the snake design the way I've seen it elsewhere though. More of a horizontal pattern. Anyway, small complaint, if that. Regards, Dean

  3. Very nice Dean! Working on my Foundry hoplites at the moment and it's always inspiring to see others plodding away too!

  4. Jasper:

    Thanks! I look forward to seeing your Foundry hoplites. I do plan on acquiring some Foundry hoplites - slowly, but surely. I would also like some of the recent releases from Gorgon Studios and Immortal Miniatures as well. Plus 1st Corps is releasing more hoplites. Oh boy, just when I thought I finished one project. :) Dean

    P.S. I picked up a copy of Ancient Warfare Vol III, Issue 3. It was very nice to see Bronze Age Greek stuff - Very nice artwork by Igor Dzis.

  5. Hi Dean,
    I'll post them when they're done. Hopefully soon, but I get distracted by ambitions to paint Thracians. Lotsa fun those, but a lot of work!

    Glad you liked III.3, you'll love IV.4: The Sea Peoples and the end of the Bronze Age!