Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thracian Peltasts - Crusader Minis

I painted these figures yesterday - actually off-and-on until late into the night. Excellently sculpted and very rugged for the gaming table. Again, these are pretty much wargame standard - no eyes painted. I'm looking forward to using them with my Macedonian army. I also have a unit of late-Thracian javelin men with oval shields to work on - also from Crusader. Looking at the pictures, I realized I forgot to paint the metal cloak pins - they're painted now.
I based the designs on the tunics and cloaks from what I found on the internet - such as this one:
The shields designs were also based on known patterns. I used LBM transfers which I had left-over from an earlier project for some of the shields.


  1. Great looking unit! I'm impressed.

    I'm working on a Macedonian army at the minute ( amongst other things, Romans etc). It might be worth bookmarking my blog for that army as it may be of interest to you when it finally gets off the ground.


  2. Consul:

    I will look for your Macedonians when they're done. Thanks, Dean

  3. Dean,

    Great looking Thracians, your painting style is bloody good.


  4. Just come across these. Excellent job. I have painted some myself but haven't been as brave as you on the patterns! The cloaks look great!