Sunday, October 18, 2009

Roman Seas Rules Released

Wow - I was just surfing the 'net and wanted to see what was new on Eric Hotz' Roman Seas, and lo and behold, his rules have been released.

Here's the description of the rules: Roman Seas is a fast-paced, dynamic, multi-player miniatures game designed for use with 6mm (1/300th) scale ship models and miniatures, and played on a hex grid game board. Roman Seas is designed to allow each player to control a squadron of two to ten ships. Players will be able to recreate small naval actions from the start of the first Punic War when Rome constructed its first major fleets (264 BC), to Actium (31 BC), to the effective end of the Roman Navy (400 AD).

Here's the cover of the book (the illustration is also in the old National Geographic book "Greece and Rome").
Here's a page from the rules (available hard copy now; PDF version should be available soon).
I was fortunate enough to get to in on a game at Enfilade this past May. When asked about his rules, I recall Eric saying it was in the works. To me, it sounded like it was a ways off - which disappointed me, as I really enjoyed the game. I liked the mechanics, as well as the great-looking ships and terrain. As most folks know, the ships and gaming aids are printed on card stock and have crisp, clean detail. He also had 6mm figures on the decks, which are a perfect match and only add to appeal of the game.

I already plan to order the PDF version with CD, Roman Navy set, and hex mat. The CD includes files of all the gaming aids - ship rosters (pre-filled & blank), markers, counters, etc. I also plan to get some 6mm Baccus Republican Romans to man the decks. This is what I envision gaming Actium will look like:


  1. I played two years ago and really enjoyed the game. It's a project that tugs at my heart, but I'm kind of staying away.

  2. Kevin:

    No problem, just come over to play when I get all the stuff ready. Dean