Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shieldwall 4/18/09

Finally played a WAB game today after fairly long break - my Normans against Scott's Flemish army. Unfortunately, my camera wasn't set right - most of the photos are too blurry - this is the best one:
This is either turn 3 or 4; as in the distance some of Scott's Viking Dogs of War and Liberi bowmen have come on the table. For our scenario, he was allowed to bring these units and his mounted Milites on at the start of turn 3. My crossbowmen unit in the foreground did very well with long-range shooting. To their right front is the remnants of my Pueri unit, which I foolishly used to charge Liberi spearmen in shieldwall. This unit was later destroyed by my Norman Milites coming up to charge them. This same unit of Milites also destroyed the Flemish Milites in turn 6; which was the final turn. I must add that Scott was very surprised when his Flemish Milites had chased my other mounted Milite unit after beating them in a round of combat - he missed overtaking me by 1"!
Up to turn 5, it was looking as if the Flemish army would slowly destroy my army piecemeal. My Sergeant Dogs of War two-handed axemen, as well as Scott's dismounted Milites were not really factors in this game. The mounted units of both armies pretty much dealt most of the blows. Again, sorry I didn't have more (or better) pictures to post.
And last, but surely not least, many thanks to Dan & Adrian for hosting & providing expert game mastering.

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