Sunday, April 26, 2009

Old Glory Stucco Spanish Church

I just finished this nice model from Old Glory. I actually finished the church & tower last week, but only finished the cross today - wasn't sure what color it should be, but settled on plain white. It is intended for Peninsular War scenarios; and possibly for WWI & 2 stuff in Southern France. Here it is with Victrix British.
Below is a shot of the side of the church adjacent the bell tower.
The shot below has a Victory Force US sniper in the bell tower.
Finally, a shot of with the roof & bell tower top removed.
It is a very nice model, and quite simple to paint. I primed it all in flat black; then dry-brushed successive coats of Ceramcoat Mudstone, Sandstone, & Sandstone mixed with White for the stucco. The stones were dry-brushed with a light grey mixture. The roof was dry-brushed with a pale red mixture, adding various amounts of Yellow, Sandstone, & White. For the wood, a mixture of yellow & red ochre was dry-brushed on. Pledge (formerly Future) floor finish was brushed over the entire model for a protective coat. Then it was given a final spray coat of Krylon Matte Finish. Next is an Old Glory bombed-out European 3-story building.


  1. Hey, thanks! I hope to use this church for Naps - WW2 (maybe even some Medieval).

  2. Great stuff Dean. Love the model, and you did a great job with it.