Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great War Update - 3 "Poilus Fini"

I finally finished my Frenchmen. This is about a company's worth. There are four platoons, each with a couple of Chauchat LMGs. These are all Old Glory figures, and quite nice actually. There are two sets of their infantry, one set of their Trench Fighters, and one set of Chauchat machine gunners. I think these guys are better sculpted than the Germans - at least the "Reservist in Pickelhaube" guys.
I also have a pair of 37mm Infantry Guns; sort of a light cannon. I plan to only use these if, and when, the German A7V tank enters the fray.
Next up are the German Trench Fighter set that were my first order of WWI guys - along with the French Trench Fighters. I also have some Great War Miniatures German Jaegers ordered which I will pick up at Enfilade next month.

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