Saturday, February 6, 2016

Late 14th/Early 15th C. Transitional Armor in the Italian Style

Pardon my indulgence, but it's Armor Up! Saturday again. Here is an interpretation of so-called Transitional Armor of the Late-14th to Early-15th C. The pieces are based upon armor displayed in Churburg Castle. The segmented breastplate is commonly known by modern historians as Churburg #13 - the cataloged number of the suit in the castle.
Along with the breastplate, plate limb armor is worn with a mail haubergeon. A mail aventail also protects the neck and shoulders under a hounskull bascinet. The Mid to Late-14th C. was period where plate was taking over mail, but not completely, hence the Transitional moniker.
Note the half sleeves of the haubergeon being worn over the shoulder and upper arms. My long-suffering wife tied on the arm harness to the mail - as well as took the photos. I vacuumed the house and washed the dishes in return.
The hand and a half sword was popular during this period. I may someday get mail or plate sabatons, but my zip up ankle boots are stand-ins once again.
Out mushroom hunting in the backwoods of Puyallup.
Reflecting with the trusty falchion.
On campaign with the boys.
Remember to take your vitamins and say your prayers.
Thanks for bearing with me. The only painting I've been doing lately is with Microsoft


  1. Fantastic looking armour Dean! Tell me, do you also think about a beautiful, decorative shield?

    1. Thanks, Michal! You read my mind - while looking at some images of other folks in armor especially, I think a painted shield would be a fine addition. I would like something besides the normal heater - just to be different. Something like a small pavise. Best, Dean

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    1. Thank you kindly, Phil! Just another day in armor :) Best, Dean

  3. You are clearly having a lot of fun with this, great to see.

    1. Thank you, Michael. Yes, it is nice to get into the kit - it gets more comfortable each time. Warm regards, Dean

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    1. Lol! Thanks, Steve! Appreciate the stop by and nice comment. Warm regards, Dean

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and posting nice comments, Fran. I better get back to painting/gaming post though :) Warmest regards, Dean