Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm Henery the Sixth, I am

Here are Henry VI, Queen Margaret and the Duke of Buckingham - a Perry War of the Roses set picked up via a gift certificate awarded from Anne O'Leary's contest back in June. Thank you very much, Anne!
These figures were just the ticket to pick up a brush after a long period of painting inactivity. As the gift certificate was from the WarStore (my choice in the contest), I long perused their online catalog. After a few weeks, I finally decided on this Perry set as the figures are mainly in civilian attire. I was kind of burnt out with the usual military look, i.e. armor or uniforms.
To be honest, I took a bit longer than normal to start as I had trouble deciding on colors of their clothing since there really was no right or wrong colors - as long as they looked regal enough.
Anyway, I'm happy to finally post a completed painting project after so long. The figures will be useful in future games - particularly the Henry VI figure, which can be used as a character to be captured for Victory Points. Thanks again, Anne!