Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ii Naomasa 120mm - WIP+1

Just a quick update with the head/helmet of the figure completed. I'm pleased with the way the horns/antennae attached to the helmet. As mentioned in the previous post on the subject, the antennae are from another kit so attachments for it had to be made. At first I thought I could pin them onto the helmet, but realized the antennae were too thin for drilling. Slots were successfully made into the sides of the resin helmet and voila!
The blue cords make a nice contrast to the red armor. Apparently warfare tends to go hand in hand with gaudiness.
Will start on the body of the figure next; however, a play test for the Actium game will commence shortly.
Below is a section of a scroll with Ii and his troops - the famous "Red Devils" at the Battle of Sekigara in 1600. Guess the British Paras weren't the first to use the nom de guerre. Ii played a prominent role in the battle, his units being the first to engage the enemy. He was wounded by a stray bullet near the end of the battle. He died in 1602, likely caused by the wound received at Sekigahara.


  1. The face is excellent Dean, I've been really been enjoying your large scale models.

  2. That is an impressive start! Your detailing of the face is outstanding.

  3. Thanks for the nice words of encouragement, Gents! Truly appreciated. The Actium game went well and will post the results. Regards, Dean

  4. Wonderful work Dean. Painting flesh so it looks realistic is something quite different in this larger scale, and you've managed with excellence. Looking forward to seeing more of this Red Devil!

  5. Thank you much, Gentlemen! I hope to resume work on this project; however, I had to touch up paint and rebase a few more galleys that my buddy game me - wanted them to match the existing fleets.