Saturday, February 15, 2014

Perry Retreat From Moscow - WIP

Just a quick WIP shot of a set of Perry figures that depict various French cavalry on foot during the retreat from Moscow. The two in the front are done. They are both Chasseur a Cheval; the one kneeling is a from a Line regiment and the other one from the Guard. The guys in the rear, still needing work, are a Hussar from the 11th, a Carabinier, a Cuirassier and a Polish Lancer.


  1. Looking good Dean! Mine are in the post as we speak. I hope they come out as well as yours will.

  2. Cool figures! Love the two pistoled carabinier! Are you planning a fitting vignette for this sextet?

  3. Thanks for the visit and great comments, Gents!

    @ Michael - I'm sure as, but likely better!

    @ Jonathan - They will keep company with an earlier painted Ney.

    Warm Regards, Dean

  4. A truly fantastic set of models!

  5. These figures are great, simply great!