Friday, December 6, 2013

Imjin War Armies

Since I had the re-based infantry out, I figured I'd add the rest of the armies for a photo op. All of these figures were painted a while ago, but don't get out of their barracks much. Up first, the invaders - an army under the command of Kuroda Nagamasa. Note, the banners are painted up by whim (mostly taken from the Siege of Osaka scroll), and not historical to the Nagamasa clan as far I know.
Next a close up of Nagamasa and the generals of the three divisions. The large teppo cannon on the right flank is a Dixon model as is Nagamasa himself. The generals are Perrys, as well as the foot samurai. The rest of the figures are Old Glory - the mounted samurai and ashigaru spearmen have plastic Wargames Factory banners. The huts are from a local thrift store here - which unfortunately no longer carries them.
Close-up of the foot samurai on the left flank:
And now for the peaceful Hermit Kingdom - all Perry figures except for the Allied Ming Cavalry which are from The Assault Group (TAG). All the banners are from the Perry website.
Close up of the Ming Heavy Cavalry - which are actually sold as Song, the previous dynasty, but close enough:
Korean Medium Cavalry - in addition to being armed with bows, some have flails and swords:
The Korean overall commander, Kwon Yul. This was the piece that started the whole army - along with the memorial figure of my dog, Changun. He's flanked by Hwa Cha rocket artillery.
As far as stats go for the game to come using Hail Caesar core rules, here are some of the special rules for the different types of units:
Samurai Cavalry - Medium Cavalry - Marauders (ignore distance penalty for command); Brave (Shaken unit rallies without an order).
Samurai Infantry - Heavy Infantry - Tough Fighters (re-roll one missed combat attack); Stubborn (re-roll failed Morale saves).
Ashigaru Spearmen - Medium Infantry - Drilled (free move on failed order; move through friends without disorder); Long Spears (charging enemy cavalry disordered on roll of 1,2 or 3; all chargers lose charge bonus).
Ashigaru Bowmen - Light Infantry Archers - bow range 18"
Ashigaru Teppo - Light Infantry Archers (using Crossbow rules) - enemy Moral capped at 5+; enemy take automatic Break tests for casualties.
Cannon - Medium Artillery - 36" range; same rules as teppo for hits.
Ming Allied Cavalry - Heavy Cavalry - Marauders; Elite 4+ (recover from disorder on roll of 4+).
Choson Cavalry - Medium Cavalry w/bows - Marauders; Feigned Flight (can move out of combat); Parthian Shot (can evade and move closing shots).
Choson Government Infantry - Light Infantry - Double-handed weapons (enemy Morale capped at 5+).
Choson Government Bowmen - Light Infantry Archers - Marksmen (re-roll one missed shot).
Choson Militia Infantry - Light Infantry - Militia (no move on equal command rolls); Wavering (break test for taking casualties).
Hwa Cha MLRS - Heavy Artillery - 48" range; enemy suffer -1 Morale save on missile hits.
Anyway, these are just preliminary stats, as I'm sure after some playtesting things will change or be modified. Once I get some volunteer playtesters, I will be sure to post an AAR.


  1. Wow! That's some collection Dean!

  2. WOW, indeed! Beautiful collection and the painting and banner craftwork produce stunning results.

    That is a collection to be proud to have.

    If you lived on the east side of the state, I'm sure you could find playtesters willing to oblige your efforts!

  3. Great looking collection and you have me thinking about a Scottie on my command stands now
    Peace James

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Gentlemen - appreciated very much.

    @ Jonathan - if you're ever in the area, please let me know so we can get a game or two in.

    @ James - I'm sure it'll add the right flavor.

    Warm Regards, Dean

  5. Wow, thats quite a spectacular array! Well done Dean!

  6. Thanks a lot, Scott. These are figs painted some time ago, but never really had a "family" photo. Best, Dean

  7. A beautiful army, great collection Dean!

  8. Dean, that is a fantastic looking army that really captures the look and feel of the period!

    Cheers, Ross

  9. That is a very impressive collection, Dean! I do like the commanders.

  10. Great collection Dean, well done .
    Cheers .

  11. That is an amazing collection. Historical or not the banners look brilliant!

  12. Thanks so much for the kind comments, Gentlemen. Happy to hear you approve of them. Warm regards, Dean

  13. A spectacular bunch, Dean! The color and all the banners are a treat to look at. And how cool that you're working up the stats & special features for each in HC. I do hope you get to "test" them soon.

  14. Thanks, Monty! Appreciate the kind words and visit. Best, Dean

  15. I am envious. Your games must look spectacular

  16. Dean, I stand amazed. This is a period of history I know almost nothing about, but these pics make me want to find out more.

    Thanks for sharing this collection!

  17. Great looking collection Dean and very inspiring as well!It makes me want to start working on my Samurai again!

    I'm sure the HC rules will work, but they have Pike and Shot(based on the HC game) which actually covers the period your in if your interested.


  18. Dean, I am over in the Seattle area on a monthly basis for work. Perhaps we can coordinate our schedules during one of those trips?


  19. Thanks so much for the interest and kind words, Gentlemen.

    @ Jon - I will send you and email.

    Best, Dean