Friday, September 6, 2013

My Very First 40K Game

I guess it's called "fortuitous" that I brought my Space Marines along with my Empire army for a Fantasy game today. My buddy Pat (Socal Warhammer) invited me over to the GW Store across the Narrows Bridge ($5.00 toll) on his side of Puget Sound for a Fantasy game. I recall him saying he'd give the store a call to reserve a table for our game. Lo and behold, I show up before Pat and there's a massive 40K Apocalypse game going on. Having brought my recently painted Space Marines just to show them off to him, he suggested I get in on the game. The local crew were super cool in getting my feet wet and I had a great time.
McQueen's Marauders Terminators moving up for an assault.
The Terminators wiped out the enemy Space Marine unit.
The Tactical Squad did well too - even after losing their Sergeant when his plasma gun overheated and blew up. They did well enough without him against the enemy's Chaplain too.
A huge Necron thingee - not sure of the exact nomenclature.
No idea what all of the models are called, but there were a ton of them.
I believe this one is called a Stompa? It looked awesome.
As an aside, here is a something I am working on - kind of like a Frankenstein's monster right now, but it will, hopefully, be a Land Speeder for McQueen's Marauders. It's based on a 1/32nd scale Airfix Porsche 917 model kit I picked up off of ebay.


  1. Hi Dean,
    brilliant pics, even though I've painted loads of space marines over the years I've never really played either. Mostly painted for my brother and nephew. Your pics make 40k look great fun!

  2. Thanks, Paul. The local crew really made the game enjoyable. Best, Dean

  3. Looking good!

    A while ago I started painting an army (tau), but with the current Napoleonics project I am already starting to loose interest and am contemplating selling them off again. :-(

  4. Now that is something to look at! And I confess that you can't use the word "massive" with any of our historical games or events. There just isn't that kind of interest locally.

    What did you think of 40K as a game?

  5. Sounds like a fun game. I'm curious how the land speeder will progress, I like the idea a lot.

  6. Well blooded Dean and a Space Marine Porsche....quality¬

  7. Looked like a fun time was had. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that landspeeder.

  8. Porche landspeeder is going to rock. Glad you had fun.


  9. Thanks for the great comments and interest, Gents.

    I liked the rules so far, although, I suspect as my only two opponents for my two squads were also Space Marines, I didn't get the full flavor. That said, it was enjoyable and seems a nice excuse to get more Space Marine troops.

    BTW, I will finish the Porsche Land Speeder, but will likely acquire am "official" GW model for playing at their store. :)

    Warm Regards, Dean

  10. Like the Porsche land speeder idea Dean, takes me back to the early days of 40K when all the vehicles were scratch built. Nice to see you embracing all aspects of the hobby.

    Regards HGA

  11. Whoa! I love that car you are working on.

    "Get in, Brother Prion, the tank is full of gas, I've got some cold beers in a mini-cooler and it's three hundred miles to Vegas."

  12. Cool car conversion - looking forward to seeing that finished. Reminds me of the original Rogue Trader days...

  13. Thanks, Gents. I wasn't into 40K/Rogue Trader in the old days, but everyone who was tells me those were good times - building and converting your own models. Best, Dean

  14. Dean,
    Before they became 'serious' with 40K, Games Workshop rules and flavor was one of fun and invention. You have, with the Porche, brought back some of the fun in the game. Good on you!


    Oh and leave the headlights on the model for goodness sakes! Don't make it too regulation. :-)

  15. Thanks, Doug - for sure I'm putting the headlight on, Dean

  16. Glad you had a chance to break-in your 40K Force!