Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lizardmen 1 - The Empire 0 - WHFB Grudge Match

Pat L (Socal Warhammer) and I met at the Gig Harbor GW store (run by a nice young lady). My Empire guys totally crushed his Lizardmen - well, that's what I wish really happened. As it was, the Lizard King still rules. I did get the first kill though - defeating and over running some of his units early on. Here are a few pics of the game - Pat's Lizardmen army looked awesome too. For this game the Empire troops left the Hurricanum and War Altar back home in Talabheim. As usual I managed to roll misfires for my Steam Tank steam points - but, as usual the Demigrpyhs and Knights did well.

Pat used his spells to good effect and kept successfully getting some of his units to appear behind my lines. Hence the crossbowmen with Wizard facing about.
I can't complain much, though as I didn't plan on using my Wizard at all - I wanted to run a "human-only" army strong on shooting troops. Okay, the Demigryphs are a concession to Fantasy - but they always do well - even with only 3 figures. We did stay at 2,500 points though.
I didn't get to use my Pistoliers too much, as they were killed off early on - but next time, I plan to use them more aggressively.
It was a good to play again as I hadn't gamed for over a month. I also haven't picked up a brush in awhile too, but have several projects pending - including some 40K Space Marines! Haven't played 40K yet, but chanced upon some really good deals on ebay and wanted to try painting some up.
Pat really has some very cool Fantasy armies - and he is a really good coach and mentor.


  1. Not my thing but great looking game just the same!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Gentlemen.

    Best, Dean

  3. Nice looking armies both of you. Good luck with the 40K Project be interesting to see which way you go Chapter wise.

  4. Fantastic looking game. I think your guys were waiting for the ht air balloon to come and save them! Your blog is the bet advertisement for Warhammer. Good luck with the 40k will see how you go with your space marines.

  5. Not really my cup of tea, but a quality looking game Dean.

  6. Good sounding game for the other player:D Did you play at the store because it's closer for both of you?

  7. Brilliant, what a brilliant looking game!

  8. Thanks so much for the kind words - although I suspect not the gaming genre for many others besides Rodger and Ray. I have to admit I would've thought the same thing just a few months ago too.

    Dan - I agree that recent posts seem like I'm a GW fanboy - which I definitely am with the figures - but not about there pricing. In fact, almost all of my GW stuff were bought off line - either ebay or through private sales.

    @ Fran - this store was nearby Pat's home turf. I figured I owed him at least one trip to his side of Puget Sound over the Narrows Bridge - still only about 30 minutes away.

    Warm Regards, Dean

  9. Great looking game Dean!

    While I generally prefer Historical wargaming I do play WFB on a fairly regular basis of around once a month and really enjoy the 8th edition and also like the 3rd edition, but all the other editions I don't like.

    As to their prices I don't think anyone likes them unless of course money is no object of which I don't have that luxury. So, like you it's pretty much e-bay, friends or forums when buying figures.


  10. Thanks, Christopher. Sounds like I'm in good company then. Appreciate your thoughts. Best, Dean

  11. Looks like a great game, even if you didn't win.