Sunday, January 6, 2013

Perry Household Cavalry - WIP +1

The cavalrymen are finished - painted as Life Guards. Although the Royal Horse Guards ("Blues") look just as nice, I wanted them to look as British as possible - so red coated Life Guards they are.
I'm sure the Perrys research their subjects thoroughly, but I've yet to find a source showing the musician having winged epaulettes (or "birds nests") as depicted here.
The only thing I have a little problem with are their broadswords. They have a sort of falcata-look to them - not as heavy looking as I'd think they should look. Everything I've read has the British heavy cavalry sword being fearsome looking and heavier than their French counterparts' swords. Still a very nice set of sculpts as would be expected from the Perrys.
The horses are up next; a black undercoat has been followed by a brown one. Hopefully the Minwax stain will darken them a bit more as they are supposed to be blacks.


  1. Nice work Dean, very nice indeed!

  2. Thank you both very much for the kind words. Warm regards, Dean

  3. Starting to shape up very nicely indeed.

  4. Lovely work. I look forwards to seeing them on the horses.

  5. Hi Dean,

    the riders look extraordinarily good!
    And I'm confident that the horses will too.


  6. Lovely, can't wait to see them on their horses!

  7. Thanks for the great and encouraging comments everyone. Warm regards, Dean

  8. This is comming along very nicely, Dean. I have those figures on my waiting list (and lead mountain) too, but I fear they won't make it this year... Best regards, Tobi