Sunday, January 6, 2013

Painting Area Organized

For some time now, I had been looking for an inexpensive painting rack or carousel. Yesterday, my wife picked up this kitchen thingee from TJ-Maxx for about $13.00. In turn, it's sitting in a carry tray so it can easily be moved into hiding if we have guests. A multi-tiered carousel was my first choice, or possibly a suitable spice rack - but this one with two side-by-side carousels seems a decent alternative.
Previously my paints were in a small plastic bin. It was a little frustrating looking for paints as they were all thrown in a single drawer that had them rolling around in all directions and in no order. Now, I will try to keep them in some type of order by color range. I've also been painting on the kitchen table so I can watch TV - at least intermittently. Anyway, it at least seems more efficiently organized now.

UPDATE: My wife suggested I place the coffee mugs with brushes inside the center of the carousels. With the mugs siting in the center, the paint bottles now have a sort of back stop - keeping them from tipping over. As my wife always says, "You need to listen to me." She is usually right 10 out of 10 times.


  1. Bit like mine to be fair so I approve of the new arrangement :D I have to hide mine as well

  2. I've tried all sorts of systems down the years to keep my painting area in order, but being congenitally scruffy none of them has lasted out a fortnight. That being said you seem to have hit upon a good idea there.
    Regards HGA.

  3. Thank you for you thoughts, Gentlemen.

    I'm taking a quick break from finish up the Life Guardsmen, but wanted to provide an update that the system seems to be working. I can now much more quickly find the colors I need - AND the bottles don't start accumulating on the work area like before. I used to keep them on the desk area so I didn't have to search for them in the drawer. Now I place it back on the carousel where it's supposed to be. Best, Dean

  4. I am often asked how I can be so fast. Simple answer: organization. I know what colors to use, where they are, and I know the exact position of the rinse jar. (the drinking cup is elsewhere so no mistaking the two!)
    You are on your way to becoming much faster my friend!

  5. Thanks guys - remember though "Speed Kills" :) Dean

  6. I would place the largest bottles back in the mugs with brushes surrounding them

  7. Hmmm, that is a grand idea - I will do just that. Thanks, Dean

  8. Looks real good! I'm working on the kitchen table, but everything has its own place. Works much better!