Sunday, October 14, 2012

Perry Choson Korean Mounted Commanders

Here are the remaining two commanders from the three-figure set. Again, I'm not sure who is supposed to be who, but the Perrys list the set as containing Kwon Yul, Cho Hon and Yi Pok-nam. Earlier I painted one up as Kwon Yul to be the Army General. These two will be part of the heavy cavalry unit - as a noble and the unit leader.
The armor is similar to what the Chinese wore - heavy coats with either scale or brigandine reinforcements. The helmets are also similar to Chinese ones - iron bowls with hanging neck protection. Much more standardized than what the samurai wore during the same period - particularly the elaborate helmet crests that some samurai added for personal recognition.
The Korean gear looks like it would be more functional for cavalry; the heavy, long coat-like armor would seem to limit movement for infantry.
The poses allow for good ranking up in formation.
Still waiting on an order of Perry Choson cavarly - I ordered a set each of the archers, pole-armed and two-handed swordmen. It would be nice if the Perrys made a set of unarmored archers too - in the white and black costumes with hats.


  1. Very nice figs. The horses look especially good too.

  2. Thank you very much for the nice comment, Andrew. Best, Dean

  3. I'm with Andrew on this one - the dappled horse in particular.

  4. Thank you very much for the kind comments and interests, Gentlemen. These are really nice sculpts for a rather obscure war. Best, Dean

  5. Stunning work Dean, a really vibrant mix of colours!

  6. ovely work , the colors is fantastic .

  7. Your painting is exquisite.
    I love this Perry collection.
    Always thought to give it a go, but never really dare trying.
    A sheer challenge.

  8. Lovely work Dean, well done.


  9. Dean, those are perfect - very well painted.

  10. Thanks again everyone for the kind comments and continued interest in this project. Warm Regards, Dean

  11. Amazing Dean - really beautifully done.