Sunday, October 21, 2012

Perry Choson Korean Cav - WIP

These are from the two-handed swordsmen set - after a wash of Minwax Tudor Satin stain and still needing a shot of Testors Dullcote. Prior to moving on, I wanted to show the effectiveness of the staining process; particularly the black-lining and shading.
This set is unusual in that the riders and mounts are cast as single units. I normally paint the riders and horses separately, so this was a sort of experiment. I sprayed them with a white undercoat and then block-painted them before the Minwax stain. They're missing their bows and quivers - they were missing from the order, but are being sent.
Admittedly, they look pretty rough prior to the staining. After Dullcoting them, some highlighting can be added. They didn't come out too bad, so now I plan to paint the other cavalry as single models - although the spearmen and bowmen are separately cast. I wonder why the Perrys made this set as one-piece figures.

On the gaming front, I was able to get in a trial game of SAGA this past weekend thanks to several of my gaming buddies who supplied the figures and coached the rules. I am intrigued by the battle board concept and the assignment of die towards it. The fast-play and relatively small number of figures needed is something that makes me want to get back into gaming.


  1. The stain really brings the figures to life, nice one!

  2. They are tremendous and what a transformation after the stain - I think I'm going to have to explore this a little more closely!

  3. Yes - I wanted to show the impressive difference after the staining. Thanks for the kind words as always. Warm regards, Dean

  4. Nice job Dean!

    I agree with your observations on the one-piece casting. I recently purchased some of their Russian napoleonics, and the mounted colonels are one piece. I'm impressed that they are still so nicely detailed, but am still ruminating on how I'll paint them.

    Please make sure to do a "grand review" of your Korean army once you have them all painted up - I'm sure it will be impressive and I'd love to see the photos!


    PS I am still in a painting funk myself, so your updates are a huge help in getting me out of it!

  5. Thanks for the nice comments, Greg. The only previous experience I had with one-piece mounted figures was that Napoleonic British Hussar General a while back. Again, the Minwax stain was used as I like using it for horses so the rider got the treatment too. I still like them as separate pieces though. Now just pick up a brush and put some paint on your figure little by little. Best, Dean

  6. Looking forward Dean to the finish models.