Friday, November 5, 2010

Codex Manesse Knights by Mirliton

I just received an order of the two remaining knights that Mirliton USA had in their inventory.
It appears they (or Simone who runs the company) may be getting out of the business. From what I read on TMP it appeared he wasn't doing business anymore, but I figured I'd send him an email to see what he had. He said he had these two as the only remaining ones from Medieval characters range. I actually had asked if he had the helmet set based on the Codex Manesse. They are nice figures with a lot of detail - particularly to the helmets and crests; albeit for the tournament and not war.

The figure on the left is Ulrich Von Liechenstein, and the one on the right Otto Von Brandenberg. The Liechenstein figures has his shield molded as if hanging from the belt or saddle - as in the image from the codex.
The image below compares a Mirliton knight next to knights from Battle Honors and Old Glory. They are more or less compatible, except for the fact that the Mirliton horses have cut-away areas where the rider fits onto it.
I will likely order the helmets set directly from Mirliton in Italy - or maybe the UK authorized dealer. They should fit onto Old Glory bodies pretty well.


  1. Do you know how those compare to say Perry and Gripping Beast?

    They are very neat looking horses and I'm curious as I'm converting some Perry's with GS to sort of move them out of the 1090s.

  2. Unfortunately, I don't have any GB nor Perry (Medievals) at the moment. And I fear to hazard a guess. In fact, I thought the Mirliton might've been actually smaller from the photos I'd seen. They also are very well-proportioned, IMO. I think they could work for either Perry and GB. The problem is ordering them now - I'm hesitant to order direct from Italy (shipping?) and the UK dealer doesn't have the range in stock. The US dealer is pretty much defunct now.


  3. Italy...that was my concern also. I'll probably just continue converting my Perry's. Should have pics of them in the next couple of weeks on my blog.