Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Victrix Cacadores Reported In

Leaving work this evening I was debating to work on the OG Japanese Infantry as I was feeling a bit tired; However, when I got home and looked on the kitchen table a package was there - my family always leaves my packages unopened, so I knew it was the Victrix order. I just placed the order on February 26 from Maelstrom Games in the UK. Free shipping and their prices can't be beat. I found out about them on TMP and figured I'd give them a try - they are definitely on my A-list for suppliers now. I really wanted to order via my FLGS, but even the owner there told me he was having trouble with his Victrix suppliers.

They are nicely packaged in the standard plastic blisters most companies use for packs of about 8 figures.
In the photo below, the Cacadores with muskets are on the left, and the ones with rifles are on the right.
There two of each poses in both packs - actually - there are four of one type in the muskets pack.

 Below is a comparison shot of a Victrix Cacadore (left/unpainted) and a Perry Rifleman (right).
Anyway, for the Sharp's game I'm planning to only use 10 of these figures. Five Cacadores will be added to each of the 7-man British Rifles Groups. The rational for this rather large sized 12-man Group is that they cannot form with other Groups into Formations, so hopefully this number will even out their chances against Formations with greater numbers of men. They still may be too strong, as they will be rated as Elite, and most of the French are rated Average. Definitely need to get some playtesting in.
In addition to finishing the Cacadores, I also need to finish up the rest of the OG Japanese Infantry and start on the Cavalry unit - the playtesting for these guys using The Sword and the Flame rules is on the 20th of March. For most of the last few months, I was directionless and now I have two concurrent projects with deadlines fast approaching.


  1. Very nice looking figures, Nice to see how well the figures fit with other makes.

  2. Thanks Paul - I'll be starting on them later today - hope to have them done soon. I also need to paint up a small unit of Japanese Cav for a Boxer Reb playtest game next Sat. Regards, Dean