Friday, March 19, 2010

OG Boxer Rebellion Japanese Cavalry

Here are some pictures of the recently painted and based Japanese cavalry unit for the Boxer Rebellion game. Just in time too, as tomorrow is the first playtest. I still have to finish the cannon and crew, but I might bring the unpainted cannon to the playtest, and use some infantry troops as stand ins for the crew.

They are nicely sculpted with the frogging on the "Attila" tunics well-defined. The red trousers betray a strong French influence, in spite of their attention turning towards Germany after the Franco-Prussian War. The flag is from As with the two infantry standards, the staff still needs a gold chrysanthemum finial - or maybe it got shot off in combat.

Here's a nice color postcard from the era that is on my friend Andrew's website:
The pictures below show the Japanese army during the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895.
The next two are from the Boxer Rebellion, 1900.

This last photo shows Japanese artillery during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905.
The uniform still closely resembles the type worn in the two earlier wars. In fact, even after the khaki uniform was introduced, many troops, particularly the artillery, were still wearing the older blue uniform until the end of the war.

I was looking for color and assembly guide for the OG Creosot 75mm gun, but found this RJW b&w film clip on You Tube.


  1. Wow, what a great job on that cavalry!

    Seriously makes me want to abandon 15mm for the Boxer Rebellion and move to 28mm.

    I really like your technique.


  2. Thanks Greg; appreciate your kind words. I've seen some really nicely painted 15mm before, but since I started with 28mm, I've pretty much kept to that size/scale. It translates well to small-scale skirmish games too. Regards, Dean

  3. Hi Great miniatures! I really like what you said about the Lord! I'm trying to do acRusso Jap war in 20mm it's hard to find the miniatures sadly I already started in 20mm so need to find some good 20mm even Boxer Reb. Could work . Don't happen to know of 20mm Boxer? Thanks God Bless

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