Thursday, March 5, 2009

Victrix British Centre Coy

Heh, heh, yeah I spelt it in English. Anyway, here are some pics of my recently painted Victrix British. Ready for some Sharp Practice. Actually waiting for the release of the Victrix French as OPFOR. I know, I know, you're thinking what does this have to do with WAB. Well, it's basically kept me away from WAB a bit. However, I do have some Crusader Thracians ordered to flesh out my Macedonian light infantry/skirmish troops; as well as some more Old Glory WWI French & Germans for WHH Great War. So I have not given up on WAB by any means.

Back to these Victrix chaps. Very happy with the end result. I ended up basing them on metal washers. I was hemming and hawing over basing them in groups of four or singly. I pretty much have all my foot figures based singly for WAB, so this probably carried over into these Napoleonics. I just like the option that they can be moved around in tighter areas singly.

They are supposed to be the 3rd Foot Regiment, aka "The Buffs." I may have used too much yellow for the facing colors though. This unit earned much honors in the Peninsula. Although they were decimated at the battle of Albuhera when overrun by several French cavalry units, they never lost their colours, but at great cost to one indomitable Lieutenant Latham. They even went on to take part in the invasion of New York in 1814.

Speaking of the colours; beautiful as they are, I found them a bit tricky to fit on. I notched them a little where they attach to the poles. They could probably have been a millimeter or two smaller for an easier fit. Just a suggestion and not a complaint; as it is very cool that they are included in the set to begin with. There is actually another set for the 59th Foot; but I didn't want to paint white facings.


  1. If you ever start a miniature painting service, I'd be you're first customer! Great job!


  2. Ted:

    Hey; thanks for your kind words. BTW, do you have Sharp Practice yet? Dan, Adrian, and I have it and it is a really cool set of rules for Nap skirmish. Let you know when we host a game. Soon, I hope. v/r, Dean

  3. Dean! You're a mad man! :)

    Hey, we should try out some of the third part WAB Nappy rules with them too! :)

  4. Those are really beautiful Dean. Truly nice stuff.