Monday, July 9, 2012

Not a Gaming Post

I am posting this with a heavy heart and mixed feelings - mixed feelings because this has nothing at all to do with gaming or painting, which is what I normally post. But I feel like letting all of you who kindly follow my blog know why I haven't posted anything in a while, and the possibility of me not posting anything for some time. A very long story short, I decided to turn my beloved 2 year old dog, Changun (which is general in Korean), into Animal Control. By today, I pray he is running with the Lord above without having to worry about getting into any kind of trouble. I take full responsibility for what he did and what I decided to do. I hope you can understand. If you could, please say a prayer for him too. My kindest regards to all of you.
NOTE (I've added more detail since the initial post - I felt the need to clarify what happened - which is the worse thing that I've had to do for as long as I can remember):

A few weeks ago I received an official notice that Changun was declared a "Dangerous Animal" by the authorities. Initially, I was going to fight it at a hearing, but after reading the eye-witness statements and other evidence which I recently received, I decided to withdraw my request for a hearing. Not the least of which was sparing the 14 year old girl who owned the dog that Changun killed. Also, he was a good dog to us, but he was always a bit worrisome around other people and animals. He was always a bit on the nervous side - a fear biter, I suppose some would say. My wife and I loved him dearly, but he was causing us a lot of worry and stress (my wife was actually losing hair).  I was just about to start behavior modification training (even ordered a training collar), but that was before the notice and evidence was received. The actual incident occurred over two months ago (May 2, to be exact) - he was accused of crawling under the back fence and killing the neighbor's dog. Of course, we've felt terrible since that time, and wanted to make things right with them. Strangely, the neighbors had planned to move out the very day it happened. They have not been there since. Although we had thought everything was okay after not hearing from the authorities for such a long time, he still worried us and feared that he could do the same again - or worse, hurt a person or child. We have a fenced yard, but he was able to dig under the fence. My wife still thinks the hole was started on the opposite side. It appeared so, and our dog's paws weren't dirtied at all the day of the incident. To make matters even worse, almost two months after the neighbor dog being killed, a neighborhood kid who apparently has a history of coming into other folks yard uninvited was bit by Changun. My wife had him tied out in our front yard while she was about to wash her car. She saw this kid riding his bike in our culdesac - where we'd never seen him in before (he lives in another culdesac). She waited until he finally left our culdesac and turned for only a second to get the car wash soap and hears the kid crying while standing in our lawn with his bicycle in our yard saying the dog bit his but. My dog had bit him only once as a warning, and it was totally the right thing as the kid came into our yard and he was doing what he should be doing - defending his territory and my wife. But Animal Control was called again and my dog had to be quarantined for 10-days. We were allowed to quarantine him at our home. My wife diligently watched him for the entire time while I was at work for over 10 hours a day. She became even more stressed out during this time. It was just about the end of the 10-day quarantine when we received the notice of Changun being declared a Dangerous Animal. They said it had nothing to do with the recent bite of the kid, but it was for the earlier killing of the neighbor's dog. I was mortified and was going to fight it at a hearing initially. This is the worst thing I can remember ever having to go through. Losing Changun has changed my life and I miss him every day. I am constantly troubled wondering if I did the right thing or not.

Here are some memories of happier days with Changun.
Just a few months before - Winter 2011-12
A few months old - early 2010
Winter of 2010
With Pungsani
This was taken the night that he killed the other dog - I wanted to take a picture of him because I thought the authorities were going to take him away that night or the next day. He could tell that I was upset and saddened by what had happened. Although, he himself only did what was natural for him. The neighbhor's dog was a miniature - and would always yelped at my dogs and stir them up - not putting blame on the little dog, but just adding more detail to make any sense of this.
My last day with him -
I apologize if I've offended anyone with this post, it is surely not my intent. Nor is it my intent to depress anyone either; I just wanted to let you all know up front if you don't see me making regular post as I had in the past.


  1. Very sad to hear. My condolences.

  2. Thank you both very much for your sympathies.

    Mike: You saw him during our Trojan War game last Saturday.

    Warm regards, Dean

  3. OK I know that's i typo right "he was older than 2 yrs old? That's kind of young for a dog to have to be put down. Sudden illness?
    I know some folks get really attached to there pets - Not me but some pets are very special. And their absence is a gap in the family structure. Suggest you find a replacement as soon as possible. they say people live longer with pets.

  4. My condolences! My thoughts are with you and Chaingun.

  5. Ah, man, I'm so sorry to hear that. My wife and I are huge dog lovers so I know how hard this time can be. Knowing dogs I'm sure he's in a good place waiting for you to come along and play.

  6. My deepest sympathies, never an easy thing to do.

  7. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. No words can ever replace the loss of a family member.

    Take care Dean,


  8. Thank so much for the kind words and prayers everyone.

    VolleyFire - sadly no typo, only 2 and full of life. No illness, just a series of unfortunate events that led to this end. We do have our other older dog, 10 years old.

    Again, thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. Dean

  9. Sorry for your loss, I know you will be missing him.
    Scott A.

  10. Dean: I'm very sorry for your loss and the difficult decision you had to make. While painful, I'm sure it was the best course of action you could have chosen for your family.

    Take some time to mourn - we'll be here for you when you want us

    Take care

  11. Thank you very much for the support, Scott & Miles. It is much appreciated. Warmest Aloha, Dean

  12. Sorry to hear of this, Dean. It can't have been an easy decision.

    Best wishes mate,

  13. Dean...all I can say is that I am 'Sorry'.

  14. Dean, sorry to hear this. As a dog owner I know this must have been a heart rending decision to make. My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time.
    Take care of you and yours


  15. Losing a pet is a sad thing, sorry to hear this bad news.

  16. Very sad news Dean, he looks liek he was a beautiful dog. My condolences.


  17. Thank you all so very much for your kind words and thoughts. Your posts have truly helped me in my time of grief; they are truly appreciated. I pray that Changun is finally truly happy and free, all the time and forever. Best to you all, Dean

  18. very sad, my dog is 17, he is a member of the family and losing him would be a massive hit, so I can understand your points. There was no possibility for adoption?

  19. Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot.

    Arrigo - sadly the circumstances made this the hardest but best choice. He had already been labeled a dangerous animal by the authorities, which prevented him being adopted out.

    Warmest Aloha, Dean

  20. Sorry to hear this, I can imagine how you feel.


  21. I got the point. Sad story, in the pictures he looked quite cute. Had an experience with a dangerous dog attacking mine several years ago. In that case me and my family had the the impression the owner were dangeorus/stupid more than the dog but we have to report the episode and the dog was labelled as such by the authorities. Hopefully, wherever he his he is happy, maybe he meet my super-cat.

  22. it's always sad to hear, if a beloved animal have to died - especially if it is so young like changun. i am pretty sure, he is in good hands - above us all :-)

    perhaps you will find a nice changun-miniature which you can use in your future games (like the dog near russell crowe in gladiator). and than changun can always be part of your live and hobby. :-)

  23. Thank you for the kind works and thoughts - yes, I believe he is forever safe and happy now.

    Alex: That is something I may do sometime in the future.

    Best, Dean

  24. Aw, Dean, I'm sorry to hear this. Best wishes to you and your family.

  25. Really sorry to hear about your little buddy Dean. I'm sure the circumstances make it quite tough as opposed to simply being his time to go after living a full life.

    Take care and we'll certainly be here for you when you feel like posting again.

    There's always brighter days ahead.


  26. Thanks again, friends.

    Jason: I will certainly do that. Thanks, Dean

  27. Terribly sorry to hear of your loss, under these circumstance.

    I can sympathise, we've had to have animals put down too, usually due to old age or illness and its always an awful decision to have to make...

    Our thoughts are with you.

  28. My sympathies on your loss. That's a tough choice to have to make. :(

    I just found your blog because I am researching war elephant models. I know it was a long time ago, but do you still have the Aventine ellie? Any chance you could tell me the actual measurements? All I can find is "compatible with 28mm scale." Any advice is helpful... I am doing a Warhammer thing. Thanks!

  29. Sharon:

    I do still have them - when I get home from work tonight, I'll get you the measurements - I can tell you they are (as the rest of Aventine) on the larger 28mm side. Nice if the rest of your models are such. Also, Keith at Aventine is a very nice guy. And thank you for your kind words too. Best, Dean

  30. Thank you very much for your quick response!

  31. Very sad to hear. I've had dogs all my life, (Dobermanns mainly) and they can be a handful but have found they repay the time and emotions invested. I'm sure you did the right thing.

  32. Sorry to hear that. I know exactly how you feel now. Six years ago, my German Shepherd killed my cat. I was a terrible moment. My girlfriend I and agreed to take him to Animal Control. I remember those painful moments... and the tears. Both of us cried a lot.
    Know what? The last picture, in what you hold him in your arms... is the best.
    It's a sad story. My condolences.

  33. Rafalinux: I am very comforted by your comment - I kept feeling I made the wrong decision and have been feeling depressed of late. Again, thank you and everyone else for their kind words in my time of sorrow. Warmest regards, Dean

  34. Hi Dean,
    I just came across this post. I've had dogs for twenty years (West Highland White Terriers - small cute and lots of personality) and so far I've only had to take one dog to the vet (cancer, she was just a few days short of 13).

    I'm sure Changun is playing in a green field with a cold clear stream running through it, and lots of rabbits to chase, and other dogs to fool around with until you come along to play with him.

    I've been looking at your painting of the Perry and Victrix plastics - most impressive.


  35. Malc:

    Thank you for you kind words - about Changun and the Napoleonics. I truly hope and pray to meet my little Changun again someday. Warm Regards, Dean