Friday, March 4, 2011

Relic's Antiochus - Painted

Being a king, the color selection was mainly purple - actually various shades using different mixtures of red and blue. The sculpting is really impressive. For instance the horse barding has multiple faces on it; all excellently done. On the horse's head plate there is a human face (Antiochus' ?) and also a leopard's below it.

Mike from Relic had cautioned me that there would be a gap between the horse and rider. I didn't really notice it on the trial fit before they were painted. However, after painting there was a substantial gab - mainly on the right side. I'll fill it up with putty - right now the two pieces aren't glued together yet.

Here he is with the gap filled with a little bit of putty & painted over.
Again, a really nice sculpture; and if you like your 28mm figures on the larger side, this one will not disappoint you.

Now if those Old Glory Scythians and Gauls, as well as the 1st Corps Scythed Chariot and rest of the Hetairoi figures can get here...


  1. First rate paint job Dean.
    His arms do look a little like the robot from I think the film Lost in Space?

  2. Wow you do not hang around do you, he looks great a little on the big side for my tast but you can not fault the detail.
    Peace James

  3. Thanks, Gents!

    Paul: Or...B9's arms look like Antiochus' - remember who was first ;)

    Regards, Dean

  4. A marvelous and very well painted miniature ! Congratulations !

    I think I will order a few Relic miniatures (especially Hannibal) last month...


  5. A impressive and great painted
    figure. I like it very much!

  6. Very nicely painted, Dean! I want one, now.

  7. That's a great paint job on the mini, excellent work.

  8. You tin ninny .... Paul D....;-)

    Do I spy a wargamer resembling a kid with a new toy? No wonder to, I'll buy this just for the fun of painting it, what was the quality of the cast like?

    Oh yeah beautifull job by the way


  9. Really like the model and the excellent brushwork. Great job. Cheers, Michael

  10. Thanks so much for the kind comments everyone.

    pp: Sorry I failed to post a pic of the primed figure - I primed it white so it probably wouldn't have looked much clearer than bare metal in a photo. I can attest to the fact that the sculpting & molding are very crisp & well-defined. The only caveat is his is rather large - close in size to Aventine & larger than the Foundry Macedonians I have.

    Regards, Dean

  11. Thanks Dean

    The size seams to me "heroic scale" which is commonly around the 30-32mm given scale creep.

  12. really nice job, well done Dean.

    Cheers, Dan

  13. I've been remiss in checking your blog out lately - and am pleased to see you are continuing to put out the most beautifully painted figures. Your 'Big Al' looks terrific - lovin' the 'Imperial purple' look!