Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hypaspists - Ready for Battle

Steve at LBMS was kind enough to send me two sets of Alexander the Great head transfers - each facing opposite directions - just to be sure I got the one I wanted. This unit will be used in skirmish mode with both thrusting spear and javelins. Even with them being rated as Guards, the unit probably needs to be doubled in size.
Brass rods are used for the spears - their heads being flattened on an anvil and then shaped with a file. The transfers are for Old Glory 15mm shields - at least in the catalog.
My 11th grader needed to pick up a book for class so we stopped into the local Half Price Bookstore. I found this on the shelf in the history section - "The Mercenaries of the Hellenistic World" by G.T. Griffith. Having never seen it before it was a must have; and it is in pristine condition.


  1. Very nice, the sheilds look great.

  2. Great looking unit, what colours are you using for the bronze?



  3. Lovely troops! Remind me of the bit in Alexander, when they run forward to support the Companions.


  4. Looking good, I agree the shields look really great


  5. Thanks for the great comments, Gentlemen.


    I use a mixture of Vallejo Copper and Vallejo Bronze; about 50:50. Sometimes more copper for a warmer tone. For these particular shields I highlighted a bit with very light drybrushing of Vallejo Gold and Silver.

    Thanks again, Dean

  6. Very nice work, as always... ;-)

  7. Looking forward to following this project! The painting is fantastic!