Friday, January 21, 2011

Foundry Silver Shields Test Figures

Tried a new (for me) technique on these Foundry Silver Shields. Hoping to save some time, I spray painted several figures with silver for a base coat. The idea is the shield, helmet and greaves are silver (or silvered), so these areas wouldn't need to be brush-painted. It seems to have worked out alright. Here's what the test figures look like. NOTE: I got the idea from James B's blog where he used the silver undercoat for some Romans - I'd forgotten where I'd seen it, but now realize it was on his blog.
Only four basic colors are used, aside from silver; red, blue, white and purple. I actually mixed the same blue and red with white for the purple. So, I guess you could say I only used three colors. The silvered areas were given a wash to bring out the details. I did have to go over some of the silver areas with a dry brush to lighten up some areas. Otherwise I think this method will work. I painted these three fairly quickly. The rest should go quicker now that I the steps down. This unit will have uniform armor; although their shields will have three slightly different designs. Maybe the order for shields went out to different armorers and they interpreted the design differently. I also have some Foundry Hypaspists - these will have their linothorax in different colors, but same shield design - the Alexander the Great head transfer from LBMS.


  1. I think it worked out nicely.


  2. Thanks. The Vallejo paints went on very easily over the silver. I thought it would be runny, being gloss, but it was fine. The silver is actually a good undercoat for the white linothorax and also the flesh. I did give the area with pteruges a wash of black to go into the recessed areas. Then I went over it with a dry-brush of white. Regards, Dean

  3. Nice work on the shields and very good effect

  4. glad to see you trying the silver undercoat, looks like you got a fantastic result

  5. They look great. I'm impressed the silver spray worked well. I've used non-metalic colored sprays for a base coat, but have feared the idea of using silver. I may have to give it a try in the future (especially when I get back to late medievals) based on your results!

  6. Thanks all.


    I couldn't recall where I saw the method done, and had looked at a lot of blogs trying to find it and give credit where credit is due. I now realize it was your post - I'm going to add a comment to this post about it.

    Warm Regards, Dean

  7. Very nice indeed!

    Another approach might be to prime the minis white, and spray and paint the shields separately (brown on the back, silver on the front).

    I really love those Foundry minis. I see you've cut the original shields off, they do look good for that...


  8. The silver is perfect- clean and crisp!

  9. supurb Dean,

    looking good!

    working on some successors myself at the moment!


  10. Thank you all for the great comments.


    Same here, a small unit of Foundry Hypaspists are next. Followed by some Cataphract cav & later a Scythed Chariot - not sure which maker yet, though.

    Regards, Dean