Sunday, October 17, 2010

Victory Force Minis - Waffen SS Squad & Panzershcreck-ies

Here are several more VFM Germans; this time some much-needed panzerschreck firers. These guys should help stop US armor in future Disposable Heroes (or other WW2) games. Starting on the left, the first guy is a standard Heer infantryman with a field camo'd weapon; the second guy is a Waffen SS guy in late-war pea dot camo; the last guy a Fallshirmjaeger in splinter camo smock.

For painting tutorials, this Flames of War article was used for the pea dot camo; and the old Resistant Roosters article for the splinter pattern. Both articles are very good and easy to follow.

Here is the late-war Waffen SS squad - now with the addition of the panzerschreck guy. I made the "pea dots" larger on the 'schreckie dude, as the earlier attempts are harder to make out.


  1. The camo is really impressive - well done!

  2. Wow Dean - really nicely done. I don't think Allied armour - except a JS Stalin front on - would be able to stand up to a hit by these guys. Interesting how early war there was a dearth of anti-tank weapons - late war, everybody's got one!

    Great camos BTW - & how much fun is 'Disposable Heroes' eh?!? - doing a Jap vs Aussies one this weekend! :-)


  3. Excellent paint work and thanks for the links. I've a bundle of Warlord Fallschirmjager that I haven't touched, you've got me inspired.

    Mmmm 28mm WW2 Aussies eh!!

  4. Great work Dean!

    Aren't those panzerschrecks a bit on the large side!! They look like sewer pipes! :-)

    No matter; your painting skills have made them look great!


  5. Thanks for the great comments again, Gents! The 'schrecks do look imposing don't they ;)!

    DH/CF7B is a good 1:1 set of skirmish rules; I like the option to add vehicles without them being the primary focus - perfect for cramped street fights - as well as jungle terrain too, I should think.

    Regards, Dean

  6. A mean looking bunch.
    Very nicely done!

  7. Very nice! I remember you lamenting over the short ranges of your panzerfausts. :)