Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Victrix Highlanders - WIP +1

Out of the box of 60 figures, I've managed to whittle them down to 36 for a good-sized Sharp Practice unit. These will be broken down into 8-man "Groups" - in the Sharp Practice parlance for the smallest-sized unit. Of these Groups, there will be two of center companies in marching poses and two Groups of flank company guys - one grenadier and one light - in the more active poses. Plus there are two officers, one carrying the King's colors and the other the regimental colors, and also two musicians, one piper and one drummer. These will be attached to the two mounted Highland officers. With the musicians attached, the officers will be able to command any of the Groups within the musicians' ranges - 18" for the drummer, and 24" for the piper (using the bugle range).

Here they are primed in black. I sprayed these guys a lot better than I normally do, as I plan to use the black undercoat as much as possible for "black-lining." These figures really are nice, and the price can't be beat.

The flesh will be painted next, and then given a wash - and highlights as needed. Then I will start on the kilts - luckily I found a paint that will speed up this work - yes, there is Tartan Paint!
The instructions clearly state not to stir the paint as it will ruin the contents. If you want to get a can of this, please contact me - I also have some high land in Florida that you may be interested in too (high land - get it?).


  1. I'm interested in the high land in FL, but only if it comes with two gallons of the tartan paint AND a fractional share of the Brooklyn Bridge in NY. I think that's a fair deal!

    I may try painting my Victrix frenchies again after watching your progress.

  2. I've been looking for this Tartan paint everywhere here in Scotland and can't find it! ;-)
    Look forward to seeing it in action.

  3. Between the Tartan paint and Dip - these guys should be a breeze :) Thanks, Dean

  4. I am looking forward to seeing the highlander regiment painted up.

    I have the Sharpes Practice Rules but have a few projects to tidy up first.

    I am enjoying the blog so please keep posting.

    Happy Gaming,