Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old Glory Bombed-Out Building & Sash & Saber Gribeauval 12 pd Cannons

I managed to paint this piece up in just several hours - after work on two days last week. It was first primed flat black. For the plaster, successive coats of dry-brushed Ceramcoat Mudstone , Sandstone, and Sandstone mixed with white were used. The brick & roof top were drybrushed a mixture of American True Red, Ceramcoat Opaque Yellow, Ceramcoat Sandstone, and white. I just mixed the colors until it looked right to me. The wood is a combination of Vallejo Yellow & Cadmium Red - this is my usual combination (in varying ratios) for most of my wood & leather. I've since picked up a bottle of Vallejo Saddle Brown for rifles stocks.

Here's the front of the building with two Perry British Riflemen that were freebies with a recent issue of Wargames Illustrated - saw it at the Game Matrix the last time I was there & figured I had to get them. BTW, the guy at the top of the stairs is painted as the 95th & the guy at the bottom is painted as the 60th. I plan to get a few more Perry Riflemen & paint them up as two small units of each regiment.

Rear of the building with some OG WWI French. This period is probably most-appropriate for this building.
These are the two Sash & Saber Gribeaval 12-pound Cannon. Very nicely sculpted & pretty easy to paint up in an evening after work also. There were only two main colors used; green & black. Actually, I used a mixture of Vallejo Yellow & German Reflective Green. This was given a light wash of black. Black was used for the metal parts. A light dry-brush mixture of Vallejo Silver & Bronze was used to pick out highlights on the metal. The cannon was painted a mixture of Vallejo Bronze & Copper; then given a wash of Vallejo Ink/Stain Black & Dark Flesh; and finally a final dry-brush mixture of Vallejo Bronze, Copper & Gold. There is a nice raised relief of the Napoleon "N" and wreath on the cannon .
Victrix figures next to the cannon for comparison. The bare-headed figure is a metal "limited" figure which is a tad shorter than the plastic figures. He's actually very compatible with Foundry Napoleonics.

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