Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Old Glory Order

Well, at least for this membership - ending in July. Here's what I received in the mail today (all 25/28mm):

OG Viking ship & crew.

OG 12th C. Infantry (from the Mongols in Europe range).

OG Teutonic Knights Command (mounted)

OG HYW Crecy/Poitiers English Personalities (very, very nice!)

OG Japanese Infantry (from the Boxer Rising range).

OG Japanese Cavalry (from the Boxer Rising range).

OG Japanese Artillery Crew (from the Boxer Rising range).

OG Mounted Turcopoles (First Crusades range).

OG 75mm Creusot Gun (Boer range).

Crusader Late Thracians w/Javelins & Spears.

Crusader Murmillo Gladiators.

Crusader Armored Norman Bowmen.

And I still have Victrix French, OG & 1st Corps Hoplites, Crusader Thracians, Great War Miniatures & OG WWI Germans, as well as various terrain projects still sitting in my cabinet! I should be very busy for the rest of the year - if not beyond.

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