Monday, May 11, 2009

Old Glory War of the Roses Dismounted Knights

Here are 24 of 30 Old Glory WotR dismounted knights w/2-handed weapons. The other six still need their tabards done. I polished the armor using a combination of using a Dremel with a plastic bristle brush head & then the side of a needle - I think this is called burnishing. Select areas were given a black wash then buffed a bit with a Q-Tip. I'm sure painting the armor silver is faster, but I like this finish. The figures are given a final protective coat of Krylon Clear (gloss); appropriate parts have a flat finish using brush-on Vallejo matte.


  1. I think your knights are wonderful. Yes, the polishing effect is superior to silver paint.

    To War!!!

  2. Pablo:

    Thank you - I was just perusing my old post - trying to kill time before getting off of work and saw your recent post. Warm Regards, Dean