Thursday, December 25, 2008

My WAB Armies

Choson Korean - for Imjin War.
Campanian army with Pyrrhic allies.
Late-Samurai with all options.

Seleucid led by Antiochus the Great.
Late-HYW French - led by Joan of Arc.
Mycenaean - My first WAB army. Next time this army is used, it will employ more archers - not just the guys in the spear formation.
Norman. A small detachment of shortbow archers has been added, and should help missle fire on the move.Early Samurai. This army is suitable for individual skirmish type of games - maybe something out of Siege and Conquest.Macedonian/Successor. This is a core army that can swap out/add various options - anything from Imperial Macedonian to late-Successors. Early-Holy Roman Empire Clerical army led by the Archbishop of Cologne.


  1. A very helpful post this one and some great colour schemes as well. Not to mention they are all very nicely painted!

  2. I appreciate your kind comments. Best wishes on building your Successor army; there are a lot of choices out there for great figures too. Warm regards, Dean

  3. great work in these armies. The painted Trojan/Greek army is specially useful for me.

  4. Einar:

    I'm happy to hear that! Thanks, Dean

  5. Hi!

    I just wondered what those figures at the right of the Macedonian line were?! What manufacturer and who are they supposed to represent? Never seen anything like them!

    Great blog. I've been following it for a while but totally missed your early posts!


  6. Consul: Just saw your question - the foot unit on the Macedonian right are Crusader Miniatures Thureophoroi which I've painted up as what I interpret as Pyrrhus' Chaeonian Guard - sort of like Hypaspists for WAB. Thanks for the interest. Regards, Dean

  7. Thanks Dean, but I meant on the right of the photo ;)

    I suppose my question wasn't very clear on re-reading it!

  8. No prob - I wasn't sure too. But in that case then, it would be Redoubt figures - both horse and foot. Tarantine Cavalry with Samnite light infantry behind them. They're actually sold as Oscan & Etruscan cavalry and also Oscan infantry, if I recall correctly. I bought them from The Miniature Service Center a couple of years ago when they were on sale for really cheap. I can't seem to link the page properly, but if you go to my Miniatures links on this blog - go to Displaced Miniatures and look in the Megas Alexandros page to see close-ups of the Redoubt figures. Thanks again for your interest, Dean

  9. Dean,

    What materials did you use for the sandier looking bases on your Trojan War guys?

    I am stumped on good Middle Eastern mini bases.

  10. James:

    The basing is just watered-down white glue and dipped in sand (which I bought in a big container from TGM several years ago). I then painted the sand a dark brown - and then dry-brushed with Americana Desert Sand. Finally I added some static grass (also from TGM). Pretty basic stuff compared to most others' basing. Dean

  11. Hey, while looking for German/French knights, I've stumbled upon your blog.

    Could you tell me what's the range of your knights in the last picture? They quite look like old game workshop bretonnians, but I'm not quite sure.

    Great work there btw, the Seleucid army is really impressive :)

  12. Hello, Albert. Thanks for visiting the blog. The HRE knights are a combination of Old Glory, Gripping Beast and Mirliton - many of the more extravagant helmets are also Mirliton. Best, Dean